Thursday, December 14

Happy Birthday, People

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Today is the 7th day of Lunar New Year. And it is a day which everyone’s birthday.

I didn’t make sense? Don’t worry, let me explain.

Every year during the 7th day of Chinese New Year, it is a day we call “Ren Ri” (人日) which means day of the people. Therefore, everyone on earth is having birthday today.

It was saying men were created on the 7th day by the Goddess Nv Wa (女娲). When she created the earth, she also created every living thing. Therefore, the first day is chicken, the second day is dog, the third is pig, the fourth day goat, the fifth is ox, the sixth day is horse and the seventh day is human.

This particular day is celebrated by eating “seven colours sliced fish”(七彩鱼生)or seven colours of vegetables in one dish. With the chopsticks, the higher you could stir the dish while saying nice things such as love, prosperity, more money etc the better.

 On this day, everyone is greeting others with auspicious greet such as happy birthday. This particular festival is more popular in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In conclusion, I wish every reader “Happy Birthday”.


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