Friday, December 15

Choosing The Right Camping Backpack

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If you love to go camping, you probably go any chance you get with friends, family, or with a group that shares the same interests as you. Children learn about camping either though family or through organizations like the Girl or Boy Scouts. Whatever the case, some camping is done in campers, which some would argue is not really camping, and some would much rather roll out a sleeping bag to sleep under the stars or in a tent. If you love hiking and camping, the right camping backpack is essential. The wrong one can ruin your entire trip.

A good camping backpack taken on the very first camping trip may mean the difference between a lifelong love affair with the outdoors and someone hating to leave the house. So many have tried camping, only to find that they were so uncomfortable that they have no desire to try it again. If the camping backpack is the problem, that is a sad thing indeed. Instead of hurrying up and giving your first time camper whatever you have, go out and get them something new, exciting, and comfortable so they are more likely to want to go again.

The right camping backpack has be hold all that you need while remaining comfortable to carry. Nothing that holds this much is going to be light as a feather and easy the whole time, but it should be an overall good experience. This means finding  a camping backpack that has a lightweight but sturdy frame. This rests comfortably on the back and will not collapse if dropped. Many today are lightweight, but not all are comfortable, so check into that when buying. You also want something that is not too big for your child’s frame.

You want to get something that can hold the essentials, but that can also handle additions. There are some that come with simple straps that you can use to add a sleeping bag or blanket so that you do not have to fit that into your camping backpack when you need the space for other things. This is great but should be low on the backpack. If placed too high, the backpack could become unstable and your child will be too top heavy. They could tumble backwards when going up an incline if there is just too much weight at the top. Look for a backpack that carries evenly but securely.

Some people prefer to go to a local store to get a camping backpack to be sure that the fit and the construction is just right. This is not a bad idea. However, that does not mean you can not see what is available locally and then see if you can find a better price online. If you already know what you want in a camping backpack, you can easily find it online, usually for a much better price. Look for a website that has a good return policy if the backpack is just not what will work for you or your child.


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