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Sleuth Film Review

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I am finding it hard to give a plot summery for this film as it was quite complicated to follow for the majority of the film and a little strange so what I am going to do I only give a very brief one and let you find out the rest from watching as if I give too much away it will spoil the whole film.

Andrew is an aging man who lives in a country manor and is a crime writer. He is having issues as his wife has left him for another younger man and he wont give her a divorce. The lover, Milo arrives to speak to Andrew and asks for a divorce so he can marry lover Maggie. Andrew will not agree to the divorce but comes up with a plan to help them both out.

Andrew says Maggie loves money and she will not stay with Milo as he is poor, he suggests that Milo breaks into the house and steals the jewels that they have in the safe, that way Milo can sell them for just under a million pounds and Andrew can claim the insurance money. Milo is reluctant at first as he does not trust Andrew one bit but after some persuasion he agree. The men set about breaking into the house but things don’t go to plan and Andrew changes his mind at the last minute with drastic consequences for Milo.

Will Milo get the divorce he went for or will Andrew be able to win wife Maggie back?

As I said before the plot for this is a little complicated and slightly hard to follow for the majority of the film, fortunately it does all come together towards the end of the film and I thought I had worked it out right until the very end scene when it just left me thinking, What? And he had no real ending. I was disappointed with this as the film starred two fine actors and I was really looking forward to watching it. For the first 20 minutes of the film I just could not get into the story and thought that it was strange the way the men were with each other but I did settle into it and the connection with the men improved greatly.

The role of Andrew was played by Michael Canine and I had problems trying to work him out. He came across as a little odd for the majority of the film and he seemed very wooden with his lines at the start of the film, once we got past the first part of the film thought we got to know more about him and I felt more at ease watching him. The role of Milo was played by Jude Law and he was slightly better in his role, he seemed very naive at the start of the film and slightly scared of Andrew and I think this helped in letting me get an understanding of him. Both men seemed at a loss with each other to begin with and there was not connection of chemistry between them at all, this did slightly improve as the film went on but not enough for me to really enjoy the film.

We did only have these two actors in the whole of the film so don’t expect a great cast.

The setting for the film was in Andrew’s country manor but don’t expect it to be a lovely old house as the inside was very modern and it was all controlled by a remote, I really did not like the overly modern setting and felt it was very out of place. We do only have this one setting and I think this just made the film a little boring as it was the same scenes over and over again. The clothes and props were average and I think more effort could have been used on them. There was the problem of the lack of setting and actors which did not help this at all. The music was not at all memorable and I am unable to even remember on track or one part of the film where music was used.

For me and hubby, we both think this film would have worked better as a comedy, there were some funny moments and a few one liners but when they came out they seemed more sinister than funny and it made the characters seem unstable. I think re casting this and giving it a different setting and a comedy element would make this a good fun film to watch.

I am only reviewing the film so there are no DVD extras to speak of. The running time of the film is 86 minutes and although this is short it did seem a little long and dragged out as there were only 2 actors. The rate is a 15 and I do agree with this. The film can be bought on DVD for just a few pounds now from Amazon.

I would like to be giving this film a high rate and recommendation but unfortunately I just cannot. I am only able to give 2 stars and that was due to the fact it was confusing and hard to follow and there was always a wooden and uneasy connection with the actors. I would not advise buying the DVD and only to watch this on the TV if nothing better on. This would have been so much better with a different setting and with a comedy element included. Not Caine’s best by a mile.


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