Wednesday, December 13

Eagles Triumph Over Texans, Vick Saved The Match

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 Overall Philadelphia played very well and won 34-24 the home ground of Houston Texans. Really, Eagles amazed the crowed by defeating Texans at their place. The success in this match ranked Eagles at high score in NFC East, as before, it seems that Eagles has lost their game.

Before that Eagles just gained a 14-3, and hardly gained 10 points till the half time of this exciting match. But no doubt, at this crucial stage Vick did a tremendous job and safe the skin of Philadelphians, as he didn’t stopped at showing his excellent performance.  At this stage, it was quite uncomfortable to make some good points when Texans were hitting hard in the third quarter to score more, without any response from their Philadelphians.

Houston’s daring performance resulted in final quarter, just making a lead of 24 points to 20, but at this point Vick sorted out, as making the most appropriate yard run by throwing ball to Schmitt which made Philadelphians to win the match. 

Indeed, the most fast and furious “McCoy” was another showman for the Philadelphians, who helped in picking up another touchdown in the second quarter from a David Akers kick.

No doubt, it was a team work but the main efforts were of Vick, who proved to be the real hero after all (and saved a lot of money of wagers, who love to do American football betting. Even he tackled the ferocious and most difficult situations while scoring for Eagles, as he completed 22 passes.

Vick threw 300 yards so far, as this was the third game of the season. Obviously, it was a daring achievement, while keeping in mind that in last six seasons of American Football with Atlanta, quarterback produced only 300 yard games.

On the other hand “Schaub” was the Texans best performer as he thrown 337 yard for two touchdowns. But he was quite unfortunate, as he made some mistakes, as in the second quarter. He made a biggest mistake by throwing a pass which went nowhere.

It’s in thick and thin in all American football news, whether the rest of the Houston players had shown Schaub’s resolve, definitely the Philadelphians slumped into a defeat.

For those who are fond of American football betting, Vick’s daring performance helped a lot in keeping Philadelphia on the winning move, and enables Philadelphians to rock the ground against “Cowboys”. Obviously, this glorious win was just a way to success in the upcoming matches.

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