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Home Remedies For Eye Infections in Dogs

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If your dog develops conjunctivitis, you should access the situation first so you can determine what needs to be done at that time. Have your pet checked right away if you notice she is weak, if the discharge looks to be infected, if there is any blood, if the eyes are painful or if she keeps them closed. Do not take chances with eye injuries that have been caused by scratches since they can rapidly become worse and lead to the eyeball rupturing.

There are homeopathic medicines to treat conjunctivitis. One is called aconitum napellus. This is an excellent medication for ingrown eyelashes. It does a better job if given at the onset of the infection. The second excellent homeopathic medication for eye inflammations is allium cepa. It is best used for minor cases of inflammation. It is always a good idea to have the veterinarian check the eyes for any possible scratches or ulcers to the cornea.

A herbal eyewash can be quite beneficial. Add a fourth of a teaspoon of salt to one cup of very hot water. Let the water cool and then add herbal tinctures of ten drops per cup. Only add one or two herbs at a time. This way you will know which herb is helpful and which one might be causing adverse reactions. Add herbs such as eye bright, calendula, St. Johns Wort, and golden seal. Giving the animal vitamins can also be quite helpful. Vitamin C, 5-10 mg./lb. given two times per day is a very effective addition to the regime. Also give vitamin E, 5-10 mg./lb. since it is good at reducing inflammation. Vitamin A is very helpful with healing traumas to the cornea. Placing one drop of cod liver oil into the eye each day can help speed healing and is also good for infections.

Another helpful homeopathic medicine to use for eye infections is sulfur. It is a good choice for acute eye infections. Animals needing sulfur usually have very inflamed eyelids. The eyes are usually itchy and dry. If the animal has true conjunctivitis caused by a contagious bacteria, and you have others pets, it is a good idea to treat all of them at the same time. 


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