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A Special Thank You With Corporate Christmas Hampers

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It is believed that the tradition of presenting corporate Christmas hampers to loyal employees was started way back in Victorian ages when rich landlords presented their labourers with a wicker basket containing a variety of homemade cookies, cakes puddings and other preserves with liquor added for good measure. These wicker baskets woven out of cane helped in proper air circulation needed to preserve the presented food and later become an item that could even be used in the servant’s home.

Corporate Christmas gifts have taken a new turn in the recent times when sophisticated gift hampers are not only presented to colleagues to earn their good will but are also sent to the loyal customers to strengthen the business ties. In modern gift hampers given out by corporate houses traditional wicker is replaced by designer trays or customized boxes made of cardboard or wood. The home made goodies are replaced by good quality wines and Scottish whiskeys along with variety of food from various parts of the globe. While giving Christmas hampers containing alcohol one should keep in mind the choice of the person and also their religious constraints if any.

Besides the usual food and wine hampers there has been a tremendous increase in the demand of Organic hamper which contains all the traditional goodies but they are made up using all natural healthy organic ingredients. Some of the popular items which come in an organic Christmas hamper include fresh strawberry preserve, mint cordials and other tasty chocolates, cheese bites with delectable mustard sauce etc. The beauty of these organic Christmas hampers lies in their special packing which is again done using natural ingredients.  One also have the option to select from non-alcoholic corporate Christmas hampers that can contain several savoury treats like dried mangoes covered with smooth rich chocolate.  Here are some simple rules which will come handy when you order your Christmas baskets to be presented to your clients and employees:

It is true that you are the boss and you can select a gift of your liking. But it would surely help you win extra brownie points from your employees if you keep the likes and dislikes of recipient in mind. A thoughtful gift helps in building a rock solid relationship with your client and also helps in strengthening employees’ loyalty. Though beers and wines bring added smiles on the recipient faces but may not be well received by people belonging to certain religion. The same holds true even for dairy products as well as for items that are prepared using meat. Therefore keep this entire factor in mind while ordering gift hampers for your company. It is always advisable to find more information about the person to whom you will be sending the gift to avoid any last minute embarrassment.

Lastly you may be creative but don’t try creating corporate Christmas hampers yourself but take help of the professionals that know what should be right additions and how the Christmas hampers should be properly packed.

Bring smiles on your colleagues and clients face by presenting them with corporate Christmas hampers.


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