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Female Genital Mutilation (Fgm)

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Everyday approximately 6,000 girls are forced to undergo FGM per day…….ONE every 15 seconds. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a painful procedure that is usually performed on girls before puberty. Part or all of their clitoris is surgically removed. This practice originated in Africa long time ago and the sad part is that it is still performed on girls even though it has been legally banned.In multi-faith countries, it is often forced on girls whose families follow  all faiths: Animism religions, Christianity, and Islam. For example, it is frequently practiced among both Muslims, Christians and Animists in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, and Sudan.

Sometimes after the clitoris is removed the vagina is sewn together to preserve virginity. This is a cultural practice for people not a religious one. The people, who believe in this, have a belief that via this process the womanundergoes a transition from childhood to womanhood.

According to the people, they perform FGM to avoid the girl from having any sexual urges before she gets married. Although a girl who has gone through this procedure undergoes a lot of pain during intercourse.FGM is performed on girls who are very young maybe even before they are a year old so this is usually without their consent. Mid -wives or maybe sometimes delivery attendants, who are not professionally trained perform this procedure without anesthesia and with blades or scissors(which are not sterilized) 

In FGM sometimes the clitoris is  partially removed or is completely removed.At times it is also sewn together.In some cases it can also be burnt or corrosive substances are thrown on it.

The most shocking this was that this practice even exists in parts of is common in countries like north Sudan,Kenya,Yemen,Ethopia etc.(even in US) 


In Egypt 13 year old girl died from female genital mutilation.(

Through this article I wanted to tell you people about how the girls are becoming victims of cultural practices every second in some part of this world.

Note: I did not intend to hurt people or impose allegations on their religious or cultural practices. 


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