Tuesday, December 12

Are You Still In Your Office On Christmas Day ?

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Are you working on Christmas Day? This question seems to be pertinent only to those who are not a part of the essential services or the retail industry. The latter obviously have limited choice. After all they are in the industry which caters to people looking for leisure and pleasure and they cannot afford to not work. Some people start looking forward to the next Christmas as soon as they are done with New Years day. For many others Christmas Day is just another day. A holiday probably holds more meaning to those who are tied up in a 9 to 5 routine with little or no vacation and limited holidays. People who work for themselves probably allow themselves a spare moment now and then with no boss or client breathing down their necks. For the rest life is not so easy.

Doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen, transport staff and others who are in the essential needs profession and all those who have a part to play in keeping the world working would probably be required to do their bit at work. It is holiday season after all and accidents and illnesses do not announce themselves before they hit, people have to travel and law and order has to be maintained. There have been instances when people have even volunteered to work on Christmas. For some it is the need for some extra cash, for others, they would just like to be involved in the community once in a while and do something worthwhile. If you have chosen a line of work that requires you to be indispensible, you probably stopped complaining about having to work on holidays long back. For others who are employed in rather straightforward jobs there is probably no reason to stay back at work unless you have no family and friends to celebrate Christmas with or you just don’t care much for Christmas.

Families can be understandably upset if you have been asked to work on Christmas Day or if you are yourself caught up with work that you just can’t put away any longer. Workaholics need to realize that a day like Christmas does not come everyday. It is as if God created one day specifically when families were expected to spend time, eat, share gifts and rejoice together. Even if you are not able to get away the whole day, try and ensure that you at least make that customary trip to the church with your family and that you get home earlier than normal and spend a couple of hours at home. It is a day of sharing, feasting and togetherness and with one member of the family being absent it just does not complete the day at all.

Other than those who have been tasked by choice or by order to ensure that the rest of the world gets to have fun, is safe and is able to spend time with friends and family, the rest really have no reason to be hanging around at work on Christmas Day. It’s a day of fun and frolic, food and drink, happiness and festivity. If you do not have friends and family to celebrate it with, visit the sick children in a hospital, spend time with the aged at the elder’s home or just volunteer at an event or at church. Give the day the meaning it deserves.


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