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How To Install a Home Bar

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In-home bars are fast ensconcing themselves in the realm of modern day entertaining.The internet is abuzz with home improvement, design and decor plans and ideas that detail out the entire process of how one could go about setting up a stylish bar with or without professional help .There are numerous ideas that one could choose from depending on what they have in mind starting with mini-bars, mobile bars, fixed bars, simple basic bars, wet bars, outdoor bars and what have you .You could include open and closed storage in the bar counter and adjoining walls if any. Some people even like to include an ice maker, a wine fridge and maybe even a microwave to serve snacks to guests .The more space and money you have the more elaborate your bar could be. Simple bars may not need a lot of research and are relatively easy to do-it-yourself with a little help from manuals and other reference material. However if your bar is a design project by itself, you may need professional help. If professional help is called for look for someone who can do it all in a workshop and assemble it at your home. This would ensure minimal interruption, noise and dust of course.

The most favored places to set up a bar in a house are the living rooms as that’s where most people entertain their guests and although you can have a bar almost anywhere , corners of rooms are preferred by most .A recreation room or a basement could also house an in-home bar. Do ensure that the kind of bar you plan for goes well with the decor of the room it is being housed in. A bar with an automotive look would definitely look out of place in an elegantly furnished living room. If you move constantly a portable bar should be the bar of your choice as that would help you dismantle, shift and erect it back with ease.

Oak and Cherry wood are the preferred material for people who like to give their bar a rich and elegant look. Add on some leather upholstered stools and stylish lighting and that completes the perfect look. When installing a wet bar do ensure you cater to the plumbing necessities in the planning stage. This also extends to your lighting and your electrical appliances where the necessary wiring and installations need to be worked out before you start the work.If tastefully done up, your home bar can add class to your house and make it the hub of the house catering to family and friends alike .Many even see it as a sanctuary of sorts where one can relax after a hard day’s work and share a few well deserved moments with near and dear ones.


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