Sunday, December 17

Marathi Books, A Mirror Of The Society Of Maharashtra

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What do you do when you need to read a book? There are a few options, one, you can go to a book shop and buy it. Two, you can get it downloaded from the net, and three, you can go to a library and can read it there. But what if you have got it delivered at your gate? Pretty good, will be the answer. And it is the combination of all the above three options, means you get the book of your choice, you have to use internet and here is a library included.

Well, if you are interested in the regional work on the literature you should try Marathi libraries. And these libraries are available online. Here you get to read the best Marathi books, Marathi novels as well as the English novels, children books and the translated books. They provide you with the ‘home delivery’ of the books and you get to read your favorite books on your table.

Not only you read the books, but you can also put them in the queue and if not available you can put them on your wish list, so that whenever they are available you can get them as soon as possible.

In the Marathi literature you get to read the Marathi kadambari, Marathi Katha books. Since you can get the Marathi books online from their online book library, you don’t have to be there present physically. So, doesn’t it sound astounding, because they have set up the Marathi book rental library in Pune, and you are reading it at your room in Mumbai or Nasik? So you can read Marathi books online, rent book online and you never know that the books you are getting are from a library in Pune or nearby.And this is not it. They do not only run a rental library for Marathi books, you also get all the contemporary books and the ones which are popular and are in demand.

Books, whether they are of regional culture and history or that of international fame, they ultimately provide you with some entertainment, some message and the history of a particular region or nation of the time. And the regional stuff helps you in understanding the current aspect of that society as the writer there shows you the real mirror of the society as he is a part of that. No one else can do it better than him. And without being into that place when you get to know about the society, what’s the harm in reading their books and in this case Marathi books? For literature is what helps you getting connected with your whole nation and each of its state.


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