Thursday, December 14

Building Your Self-Confidence And Courage…

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Everyone has confidence in something, for example if you are depressed and you admit it, this shows that you have a certain amount of confidence in your depression.
You also have confidence if you’re afraid, you can fail in the things you place confidence in.
So how do you find absolute confidence in yourself?  This is a must and confidence helps you with your courage.
You must carry self confidence with you at all times, if we haven’t got confidence in ourselves, we can’t expect anyone else to have confidence in us either.
When we find ourselves, knocked down, it is up to you to build yourself back up all over again.
This path we call life, take us through changes, this where experience is found and gained.  We learn greater self-confidence and courage from it.  You have to learn the hard way, hiding away and not facing it head on, you won’t learn anything.
Fear is horrible, the voice in your head tells you that you can’t do this, or you haven’t got the guts…
You have to have faith in yourself. You have to have positive thoughts that you can do anything you set your mind, it is up to you and only you to have the courage and you know more than you really know.  The best part people will respect you and have more confidence in you because you are different pulled yourself up to earn respect and confidence.
There are voices in your head, we all have them, and those voices put pressures on fear and faith…
Sometimes you have to tune out the voices of fear.  Don’t let the negative thoughts rent space in your brain.
More important don’t listen to the negative thought or words tossed your way, by others trying to put you down.
Face yourself, your doubts on your own, put your chin up, stand up proud, and be the driver of your own car.
Keep yourself busy learning, reading, keeping a journal, writing, etc.
Doing things helps with fear and self-doubt can’t find a place to dwell.
Believe in yourself you are your biggest fan, Remember it is okay to talk to yourself, give yourself encouraging words.
Refuse to listen to the negative voices in your head; again don’t let negative thoughts rent space in your brain.
Find positive people to associate with, getting a load of self confidence from them.
Turn up the voice to get your courage on board, and put your fear on the back burner.
Keep busy, find new interests and new things to do, to keep your mind positive.
Every day, every morning first thing on getting up, say I am the driver of this car…Move thru the rest of the day with those thoughts in mind.
Important remember no matter what happens to you to raise your fears, do that which you fear to do…I know easier said than done…
Don’t allow yourself to fail, acting as if you can’t fail, is the first step to not failing.
So let’s try to build some self-confidence and courage…


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