Tuesday, December 12

When Do You Think You'll Make Money Online?

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Here is the big question: When do you expect to make money online with any of the ways you can make money with affiliate programs?

Now, before you answer, here is the definition of the question, so that you can at least have a realistic calculation in your head.  Use Google AdSense, or any other affiliate program and also payed by impression sites, but the definition is how long it will take you to make a payout with each program you use.  That will be what I am basing my terms upon.

Google AdSense:  On average, 25% of AdSense publishers make a payout per month with this affiliate program the other 75% will not make a payout, but will make money.  So to make money you will need a bit of quality, quantity, and luck.  This luck can be made simple, and that means a bit of work, but over time, the more quality content you have the more likely you will make money online.  With Google AdSense, you need to think content, and not how much you can write in a day.  AdSense bases its ads on the content, title, and keywords of your written article.  This is why most people make a bit less with Google AdSense than with some of the other programs.  On average, it takes anywhere between 4 months to 48 months to make your first payout with AdSense.

Amazon:  With Amazon this is the same case, you can make money, but whereas quality is king (and so is everything else with AdSense) Amazon works with the idea that people will click on your ads and you will make money long term with the program.  This means that you offer your readers choice, based upon what you have as a website or a blog or online articles.  In comparison to the AdSense affiliate program, it does take longer to make money, since if you sell only one product per month, you will only make 4% of what the books or other product cost.  In this case, the more you sell the higher the percentage you can make with Amazon. Depending on where you live, it can take anywhere between 6 months to over 3 years to amke a payout with amazon (Ex– if they send a cheque it is $100 if it is direct deposit it is $10)

There are other websites out there and some of which will pay you by impressions, and these are a way to make money, but it is more or less how much you add to the sites that will or will not make you money.  If you only write a page, you will find that you will not make as much money as if you were to write, say, 10, and the list can go from there.  In other words, the more you write, the more you can make.  The other point to remember is that you need to  keep on writing and keep on adding links to the social networking sites, and to the article directories and as many other places as you can to build your traffic to make more money. Be advised that your traffic needs to be natural as often these sites will change policies at any time.  For some it can take a month to make payout but for others it can take much longer, on average it is from 1 month to 2 years.

What sort of money do you expect?  Make a plan, in most cases “ I want to be rich” is too general, since everyone wants to be rich, but a more specific plan would be  “I want ot get a payout from an affiliate program once a month,” is a better starting point to a plan.  You will amke money, but knowing how much you want to make is just as important in the art of making money online. 

Use teh internet to your advantage, create links and build your work this way to make money, but also by having a realistic plan it will make the money come in faster and in many cases easier.


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