Monday, December 18

Correcting Ratings on Imported Tunes

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I rely upon the rankings of tunes in my library for a number of purposes.  I especially need the rankings over four stars to be accurate.  This is because I generate random playlists of tunes to listen to based upon rankings.  It’s like having a faboo radio station available to me all the time.   That’s certainly why most people would use it.  I also use it to determine which songs end up being available for request on the DJ Sizzly website.  Whatever the reason for wanting accurate ratings, one of the most annoying things imaginable is when you import new tunes and someone ELSE’s ratings are imported.  Who cares what the other music nerds in the office think about a tune?  I don’t.  I want to get rid of those rankings.

So here’s how I do it in MediaMonkey 3.x.  I imagine the approach would work similarly in iTunes.

Step 1 – The Auto Playlist

Create an Auto Playlist with the following search criteria:
•    Rating:  >= 4 Stars (or whatever star rating you find important).
•    Last Played:  is Unknown
What this list does is grab all the tunes that are ranked 4 stars or higher and haven’t been played according to your library.  This is important.  Because play counts are not part of the ID3 tag schema they are not kept inside the file – ratings are.  So when you import a set of tunes from someone else it will import their ratings but not their play count information.
This list gives you a collection of files that likely have the wrong ratings.  I mean, if you agree with the 4 Stars rating why haven’t you listened to it, right?

Step 2 – Scrub the Ratings

Okay.  Now that you have the list it should be an easy thing to peruse the tunes and set the ratings appropriately – or wipe ‘em out entirely.
If you’re using MediaMonkey 3.x all you have to do is highlight all the tunes and right click.  You’ll see a menu item entitled, “My Rating”.  Select the appropriate Rating and wait for the files to be tagged.  I use unknown to rate the files because I’m lazy and I want to get all of the files out of the way.  Alternatively, you could listen to the tunes one by one and rank them according to your taste.  To be extra sure that the ratings are applied to the tunes, use CTRL+S to sync the tags.
And you’re done!


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