Saturday, December 16

Should Students Really be Allowed to Carry Guns on College Campuses?

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Colleges are already allowing students the right to carry concealed weapons in the class. The basis of this is to allow the feeling of safety in the individual, and fear to anyone who has the idea of intruding. States are passing this law left and right, but are it right? Let me discuss possible cons.

  • How will the college know who has a license for a “Concealed” weapon or not. if the weapon is concealed there would be no way of telling who has one, or checking who has one.

  • How would you know who the shooter is? Ex: A gunman walks into a class and pulls out a gun, a student shoots him, but at the sound of gunshots students from other classes walk in and see the student with a gun, and how do they know who was the shooter and who was the student, they won’t be able to make that decision in a crisis like that.

  • How would the teacher feel? A lot of teachers are young women, who would have no sense of control over a class of students who may or may not have weapons. How do you enforce classroom rules knowing your life could be in danger, the general teaching population may decrease due to this law.

The scenarios of cons are endless; does this law really increase safety or increase danger?


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