Tuesday, December 12

Buried Dreams…

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Did something happen to you that in your life you weren’t able to complete your dreams, did you get pregnant out of wedlock, did you get married straight out of high school, and didn’t attend college? Did you choose your future when you met your mate, or did you just settle on life, and give up on your dreams?
Actually it is amazing the buried dreams stay hidden from our daily lives, but when it comes to blame, when we didn’t complete our life dream, we place the blame on others, husbands, wife, children, parents.
Seriously who is to blame no one but yourself?  Blame it on being young, blame it on being stupid, but quit throwing you short comings on your loved ones.
Whose job was it to fulfill your dreams?  It isn’t too late, many adults go on and finish college and finally learn what life is meant to be.
Setting back waiting for buried dreams to happen without your assistance this isn’t going to happen. You have to put your dreams in action, by believing in yourself, At least try to fulfill part of your buried dreams; it’s up to you and only you.
It takes a great deal of courage to uncover buried dreams and step back into a class room after you have put your own children through college, remembering where there is a will there is a way.
The layers, the years that cover your dreams, are good intentions, being bitter, failures, detours, rejections, and disappointments. So take an eraser to your past, and understand you’re the one flying the plane, and you’re in control of your own life.
Be with your love ones, treat yourself well, and be silent about your buried dreams, but dream about them and how you are going to fulfill them for yourself.


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