Saturday, December 16

Whats Stopping You?

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Do you know that you are born equipped with everythng that you need to get where you want in life. You are born with your own inner compass. The compass is waiting to be activated. Our compass is activated by our goals. When you write out your goals and you plan out how you plan to accomplish those goals you set your compass in motion. Your compass is  your inner guide that is directed by you. If your compass is not leading you in the right direction then you have to look at how you are programming it.

What throws our compass off is negative thinking, lack of direction and fear. The first thing you have to do to get your compass set correctly is find out why you are so resistant to your self direction. This leads to looking within side of yourself to see what areas you are resistant in. When you resist in any area that means that the particular area that you are resisting in needs work. Take for example you have a goal to lose weight but you are having a hard time getting starting on the diet. Perhaps before you throw in the towel you should take a look inside yourself to see why you are afraid to start the diet. We can come up with many reasons fear of failure,fear that we wont reach our goal. I am a firm believer that if you look inside and come to grips with what your fears are and get started you will reset  your inner compass

Don’t worry about setbacks the beauty of the compass is that you can control it. You can reset you compass for a comeback. As long as you keep pushing forward and learn from what is holding you back your inner compass will be in tune and stronger than ever. Your inner compass is your best friend, your guide and it wants you to succeed. 


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