Friday, December 15

Internet Browsers, All The Same?

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What’s worse is the problems I have been reading about and experiencing have been connected with the two most popular browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox which is my personal favourite. To be fair to Firefox its only one problem thus far and Internet Explorer, well it has a history and I had long since decided to use another browser if entering passwords etc, long before I started to think about building web sites. Hopefully IE9 with windows 7 is better something I have yet to get into, maybe in a future article.

Internet Explorer problems from what I have read stem from it being part of the Windows system rather than an add on to it. Thus a multitude of bits and pieces have been added to plug gaps and in the name of keeping us all safe. Now this is the problem as a perspective web site builder I will read up on things, settings etc but as a user I just want it to work, without having to set this to zero on a Monday afternoon between 2 and three the next day. A bit overstated but I hope the reader knows what I mean. Which means if IE8 etc refuses to show Adobe flash or if I have to click boxes which scare me more than a little (are you sure?, are you really sure?, do you trust this site with your life?, I wouldn’t, but if you are sure please do go ahead, just as long as you’re sure) I will go to another browser or not return to that web site.

The Firefox “problem” is one of updating ie: when I update a website Firefox still has the old one cached, which is easy enough to remedy (tools, clear recent history) but its not long ago that I didn’t know this and I am into computing, so someone who doesn’t know this could be looking at your old site for a good while.

At time of writing looking at some statistics it seems world wide Internet Explorer is still the most used browser with Firefox second and about equally used (with IE) in Europe.



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