Tuesday, December 12

Valentine's Day Teddy Bears

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Valentine’s Day teddy bears make great gifts for just about anyone! The teddy bears are cute, cuddly, and ready to wish your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Day! Each teddy bear has it’s own adorable style! Some are holding a soft item while others are wearing a bow! Some bears may have hearts or Valentine’s Day colors on them. Like most teddy bears, a lot of them also come in the colors white or brown.

You can find teddy bears for Valentine’s Day in most stores that carry holiday or seasonal items. This includes Amazon, Hallmark, Kmart, Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart. You can go to the store to pick out a bear or order one off of a shopping website and have it delivered to you. The teddy bears and prices vary per store, but they are all adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few of the Valentine’s Day teddy bears found on the site Amazon. You may find similar or exact teddy bears in other stores as well.

“I Love You Bear” Hallmark 2010 Valentine.
This may be a 2010 Valentine’s Day teddy bear, but he is cute enough to give to your loved one every year! The “I Love You Bear” Hallmark 2010 Valentine is an adorable plush bear! This bear is white and is holding a little red heart. He will actually recognize and respond to your voice! When he hears the words “I love you”, he will respond with sweet phrases such as “Give me a hug” and “I love you more”. This bear comes with an on and off switch and requires three “AA” batteries.

Bunches of Love 10″ Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Gift by Bearington.
This Bunches of Love teddy bear is white with a pink bow and the word “Love” sewn onto her paw. She is holding a bouquet of pink flowers. This cuddly teddy bear stands at 10 inches tall.

Valentine Angel Lovespell Bear.
The Valentine Angel Lovespell Bear is a brown teddy bear. This bear has white wings with red hearts on them and a white sash that has the word “Love” on it in red letters. He is carrying a soft red bottle of “Love Potion” for your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day “I LOVE YOU” Red & White Teddy Bear Plush.
This white plush teddy bear is white and in a sitting position. He has red and white ears, feet, and bow. This Valentine’s Day teddy bear holds a red pillow with the words “I Love You” on it in white letters. He measures at 9.5 inches tall.

Little Kismet Bear by Gund
The Little Kismet Bear is white with a red bow. It stands at almost 8 inches tall. He is soft, adorable, and ready to cuddle with you!

Valentine’s Day teddy bears are great gifts for people of all ages! There are plenty of adults and children who love teddy bears! Some people enjoy displaying them on a shelf or table for everyone to see. Then there are those who would rather keep their teddy bears in their rooms, but close-by (such as on the bed, a chair, or a shelf). There are plenty of children who will carry their teddy bears around with them wherever they go! Buy one teddy bear for your loved one or a few to add to their collection! You can even buy your loved one a giant teddy bear for Valentine’s Day!

There are so many Valentine’s Day teddy bears to choose from, you are sure to find one that is just right for your special someone! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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