Saturday, December 16

Gibson County Misjustice

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She walks to visitation 3 times a week unless she has family or friends that can give her a ride, at least one way anyway. The walk is about 12 blocks one way, but she makes it no matter what the weather is.  She has already walked to and from work that day, but it is ok because she gets to see her babies. She waits outside so her children see her waiting for. She is not allowed to bring a proper meal, forced instead to bring packaged meals like lunchables. But the kids don’t care-they get to see …Mommy! She keeps up a brave front all through the visit up to the end of the visit. She encourages her kids to be good and tells them she loves them.  All too soon the visit ends and she has to help the kids go back to the foster homes.

Then it is harder to fight the tears, but she does rather than upset the kids. She smiles bravely hugs and kisses her kids and gets them ready to go back to the foster homes. It is foster homes because cps refuses to put all four kids in the same home even though the foster mom with the three younger kids has offered to take the oldest.  Cps says that they are not sure how she would handle the stress of her brothers and sister and want her in a seperate foster home with no kids.  Odd, the foster home where she is living has two kids. Seems a shame that she has to face this forced seperation not only from her parents but from her brothers and sister. Too bad cps doesn’t bother to be at the visit and see how much the girl loves her siblings.

Mom smiles as she waves and calls out “I love you” til the van turns the corner. The smile that never reached her eyes fades and a look of longing takes it’s place. Just for a minute the tears silently fall from her eyes. But afraid if she lets the tears fall that they will never stop, she fights back the tears and prepares again for the fight to bring her kids home. This is my daughter’s life 3 days a week.  The rest of the time she tries to work and earn money for a place that suits cps so she can have her children home. So please say a little prayer for her and her kids and all the others like them.

For those who don’t know my daughter’s story about her struggle with cps, the status that I posted the last time is a true story. Feel free to send a friend request if you would like to reform cps. Let’s put a stop to legal kidnapping!

In Indiana cps is the initals for child protective services. According to policy they are supposed to protect children and reunify families. In Gibson County it means that they snatch kids from loving parents and if they think they can ad…opt them out, they use every trick in the book to drag out the process until they can terminate the parent’s rights. Then cps “adopts” out the kids to couples that were selected months ago. And all those months the parents are doing every thing the can to get their kids back. Sound like a bad movie script? I wish, but it happens every day.

Oh, I forgot to mention the driving force that drives cps to legally kidnap kids – MONEY! That is right, it is all about the money. The county recieves $4000 to $6000 per child from just one program. And the caseworker recieves a “bonus” of $500 per adoptable kid. Did I mention my daughter’s caseworker took a vacation trip to Mexico.

There are 4 kids involved. cps came in saying that there where drugs in the house. When they could not find any drugs because there were none, they insisted on a hair folicle drug test or they would take the kids. Gena and her ex-husband had no choice than to take the test. She told them at the time that she had smoked a joint of marijauna, away from the house, because she was depressed because her oldest daughter was away from home last Christmas. I don’t agree with drug use just for the record. Anyway, she tested positive for a very small amount of marijauna.

cps came while my daughter was at work. The babysitter told cps that Gena knew that they were coming and had the kids packed and ready to go. Anyone that knows Gena can tell you that there is not a word of truth to what the babysitter said. The packed bags where the diaper bags that most mothers have ready. Gena has turned in clean drug tests for a year, she has taken all the classes and divorced her husband when cps told her to choose between him and the kids.

Two caseworkers were taken off her case because their primary objective was to reunite the family. Both Melissa and Dani were reassigned.  When the visit supervisior from Dulos stood up for Gena, her case was switched to Ireland.  I am sure if they could figure out a way to change the Casa worker and home care aid, both whom are fighting for the kids to be returned to my daughter, Brooke and Lori would surely do that.

Gibson County Judge Jeff Meade decided that he didn’t want them to have the pitbull and Doberman Pincher that they owned because only drug users and drug dealers own those breeds.  First he told them that he couldn’t order them to get rid of the dogs legally and then decided that they had to get rid of the dogs because it was a well known fact that pitbulls are viscious and were just waiting to rip the kids’s faces off.  This pit is so gentle that people afraid of dogs like her and the Doberman is actually a 4 pound Mini Pin.

Gena has tried to co-operate with cps in anyway she can and the more she does, the more cps screws her over. Now they are telling her that they can place her children in pre-adoptive homes any time they want to!  My daughter is a fighter and will not quit seeking ways to get her kids back.  She dearly loves her children and the past year has really taken a toll on her, but the only ones she worries about are her kids.

Now they want her to get a better house and are questioning rather she can afford her kids when she gets one. While the ex-husband is finally getting visitation the cps has told them that if they go back together that they, the cps, will make sure that neither of them will get the kids. We are doing everything we can to help her get into a better place, one that they will approve, so far they have rejected everything she has found. 

For God’s sake, can’t something be done about this?


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