Sunday, December 17

Review of Stroud's Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri

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Stroud’s Restaurant Review

I arrived at Stroud’s with my aunt who is a gourmand.  It was pouring cats and dogs outside.  I wasn’t convinced that the restaurant would be that great from my aunt’s description of chicken fried steak.  Who wants to eat a chicken fried steak.

I entered a white wooden building and sat down at a table with Stroud’s standard red and white checkered table cover.  The place was packed so we didn’t get a booth and it made me wonder how busy this place must be when it isn’t raining.

We opened the menu and I balked.  Fifteen dollars for a chicken fried steak?  Come on, now Stroud’s, you need to lower your prices.  But we ordered chicken fried steaks and french fries anyway and we waited.  We skipped the fried chicken that other tables seemed to have.  We were here for the chicken fried steaks.

Quickly, without much of a wait, the chicken fried steaks arrived.  Now I understood why they charge so much.  These steaks were huge!  It was worth it after all.  And the fries seemed bottomless.  Even the drinks were fairly large.

I bit into the chicken fried steak and it was delicious.  This was truly worth wandering out in a torrential downpour for.  I was glad we had come in the rain because it met a short wait.

I looked around.  There were a lot of retired age folks.  My aunt said it was because they thought it was a good value and were living on a fixed income.  I agreed.

This place has great food.  Everyone in the restaurant seemed to be in a happy mood.  And nobody was finishing their plates.

Needless to say, I had leftovers for the next day’s lunch.  Both chicken fried steak and fries.  Stroud’s in Kansas City, Missouri did not disappoint.  Next time I’m at my aunt’s house, guess where we are going?


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