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Sex And The City: The Movie

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Prior to the movie release, it was surrounded by apprehension – Was it going to be true to the episodes? Would the characters still be themselves or would we watch and think ‘she would never do that’? Would the plots be far-fetched to make them more movie-styled or would they be realistic?

It does not take too long for these thoughts to evaporate as the movie is like watching a series of episodes back to back, with the relief of not having to wait to see what is going to happen. It is so true to the series that it even contains signature traits like Carrie’s narration.

Essentially the movie shows the journeys that the characters all take, individually and as a whole. If Carrie, Sam, Charlotte and Miranda were already best friends of yours, get ready to get to know them a little better.

Miranda is our hard nosed, emotionally tough, career driven woman, who has her fair share of embarrassing situations. Who can forget the episode when she hurt her back and was mortified when Carrie sent Aiden to her aid – who saw her naked on her bathroom floor? Or when she had uncontrollable flatulence during her pregnancy? Well true to form, she had her embarrassment – when Samantha points out her lack of bikini line maintenance!

However Miranda’s journey really takes place with Steve. We have always loved Steve. The ever-adoring Steve who is the only man who has ever persevered enough to crack Miranda’s tough exterior. But when he confesses cheating on her, he puts us in a dilemma. On the one hand you can understand what led him to it and you feel compassion towards him when you see how upset he is. On the other hand, how could he disappoint us like that? When did Steve change from being Miranda’s loyal puppy? But for the first time Miranda is not the one who has done something to hurt Steve and her journey is about realising the power of betrayal, how to forgive and how life is grey, not black and white.

Now Samantha’s journey. After years of conquests, we met Richard who seemed to be the only man who had any power over Samantha. She, who was usually the player, got played. We don’t like Richard much. But then came Smith who really loved Samantha and in the movie, for the first time, much to ours and Samantha’s surprise, we saw a wifely side to her! But it didn’t last long for Samantha to come to the conclusion that she simply wasn’t designed for relationships she summed it up in her break-up speech with Richard – “I love you honey, but I love me more”.

Charlotte’s journey through the movie is slightly disappointing as it does not show a journey as such, just how her life progresses. She carried her girly, optimistic, romantic aura throughout the film with perfection, and had her own embarrassing scene where she couldn’t control her stomach and its ‘effects’ – but luckily it was only in front of her friends! She remains happily married with her cute adopted daughter, and it’s really nice when she unexpectedly falls pregnant.

Now for Carrie’s journey – and what a journey it is. I was never a fan of her and Big, I simply never felt the chemistry. In my eyes they should have remained as ships that passed in the night with their exchange of smooth one-liners but, in the movie I was pleased to see a more ‘normal’ and realistic side to their relationship in the movie.

Although Carrie is a likeable ‘girl’s girl’, she has always had a self absorbed side. When she talks to other people of their problems, she often manages to turn it around on it being about her latest predicament. Sometimes she was reprimanded for it, like when she visited the injured Miranda with her ‘bullsh*t bagels’, and started talking about her situation with Aiden. However, in the movie, she is really heartbroken and I had full sympathy. We all felt the absolute devastation on her behalf when Big jilts her at the alter. The aftermath of choking sadness that Carrie felt brought tears to many in the cinema hall. But, as sad as you do feel for her, there is that same underlying selfish streak in her that contributed to the situation. She got completely carried away with the wedding and refused to acknowledge that Big was getting scared. But this time, she learnt not to do that again – ever.

Although the movie was true to Sex and the City, the character of Carrie’s assistant played by Jennifer Hudson, was slightly uncharacteristic, but not out of place. It was a heart warming element to the movie and through her relationship with Carrie we also see a new motherly/older sisterly side to our main character.

The biggest and most beautiful journey was made by the group of friends together. We have always seen their closeness but in episodes often only see Carrie’s closeness with other characters. This time we see them group together and really give each other strength, and form a rock for Carrie. In the end they are all in their naturally evolved and happy lives.

A heart warming, outfit inspiring movie that any die hard Sex and the City fan will love!


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