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Reasons to Visit South America

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Happy, Beautiful People

Two of South America’s countries are in the top ten of daily experience happiness list, meaning that Paraguayans and Venezuelans have some of the best daily experiences on record. Argentina is in the top 20.  This means that South America is a fairly happy continent and you can expect to have a good time there.

Not only are the people happy in South America, but they are also very beautiful with Argentine men having a reputation as being very handsome and Venezuelan women having a reputation of being gorgeous.

Combine happiness and beauty and you have two ingredients that make a successful recipe for visiting South America.

Learn to Dance

There are three reasons to learn to dance in South America:

  1. Tango in Argentina

  2. Salsa in Venezuela

  3. Samba in Brazil

South Americans are expert dancers and they learn to dance at a young age.  If you want to learn to salsa or tango then it is far better to travel to South America and take lessons there than learn at home.  You will be surrounded by excellent dancers.

Practice Your Spanish or Portuguese

If you are a student of Spanish or Portuguese, you will find it cheaper and perhaps livelier to practice your foreign language skills in South America.  Many cities offer local academies where you can take inexpensive classes to polish up.  If you are looking for a standard version of Spanish, try Venezuela or Colombia which offer the most neutral-sounding Spanish around.  Avoid Argentina however, as they have a strong accent and a more distinct dialect.  Ecuador and Peru are also good for learning Spanish.  And if your language of choice is Portuguese, then you should choose Brazil over Portugal because millions more speak Brazilian Portuguese than it’s continental cousin.

Cheap Prices

South America is not an expensive place to visit.  Transportation is cheap.  Great meals (particularly in Buenos Aires) are cheap.  Going to the movies is only a pittance.  Beer is cheap.  In Venezuela gasoline is practically free.  You get the idea.


Fascinating Landscapes

What compares to the Amazon rainforest? Nowhere on earth will you see as much animal and plant diversity. Then there are the Andes mountains that tower high above the western coastal plain. And then there’s the pampas of Argentina where you can see endless fields of grain or the lakes and streams of Patagonia. South America offers verdant landscapes that will put you in a good mood. And that’s not even mentioning the great beaches that you will find. If you want a great beach, visit Choroni in western Venezuela or Buzios in southern Brazil. The abundant nature and low population density provide good reasons to visit South America.

Final Motivators

Here are some final top reasons to visit South America:

  1. Argentinian beef is arguably the best in the world

  2. Visiting Macchu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes is an unforgettable experience

  3. Who wouldn’t want to visit a Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro?


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