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Famous People Born on February 9 in History

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Born on This Day

Bill Justice– (1914- ) animator and engineer for the Walt Disney Company-Dayton, Ohio

Carole King– (1942- ) singer/songwriter with many hits-Brooklyn, New York

Joe Pesci– (1943- ) American Comedian-Newark, New Jersey

Alice Walker– (1944- ) The Color Purple author who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction-Eatonton, Georgia

Mia Farrow– (1945- ) Actress/Model and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador-Los Angeles, California

Judith Light– (1949- ) Television Actress-Who’s the Boss-Trenton, New Jersey

Phil Ford– (1956- ) Olympic gold medalist for US basketball in 1976-Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Jo Duffy– (1959- ) Marvel Comic Book Writer/editor of Star Wars, Wolverine and Defenders-New York City, New York

Travis Tritt– (1963- ) Famous Country Singer-Marietta, Georgia

Jimmy Smith– (1969- ) Pro Bowl and 2x Super Bowl Champion NFL wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars-Detroit, Michigan

Sharon Chase– (1971- ) Sharon Newman on the Young and the Restless-Detroit, Michigan

Zhang Ziyi– (1979) One of the most popular Chinese actresses-Beijing, China

David Gallagher– (1985- ) Actor-7thHeaven-Queens-New York

Jimmy Bennett– (1996- ) Young famous TV star-Seal Beach, California

Dead Birthdays

Thomas Paine– (1737-1809) Author and Founding Father-ridiculed Christianity-Great Britain

Luther Martin– (1748-1826) A United States Founding Father who refused to sign the Constitution-Metuchen, New Jersey

William Henry Harrison– (1773-1841) 9thPresident of the United States who died in office-Charles City County, Virginia

Franz Xaver Gabelsberger– (1789-1849) Inventor of the Gabelsberger shorthand-Munich, Germany

Samuel J. Tilden– (1814-1886) 25thGovernor of New York-New Lebanon, New York

Dean Rusk– (1909-1994) 54thUnited States Secretary of State appointed by John F Kennedy-Cherokee County, Georgia

Lennard Pearce– (1915-1984) English Television actor-London, England

Kathryn Grayson– (1922-2010) famous actress-Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Brendan Behan– (1923-1964) Irish Poet/writer/lrish Republican Army-Dublin, Ireland

Frank Frazetta– (1928-2010) American Fantasy and Science Fiction artist- Brooklyn, New York

Loris Azzaro– (1933-2003) French Fashion Designer-Tunisia, Africa

Happy Birthday to famous people-Happy Dead Birthday to famous people who have passed

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