Saturday, December 16

Hutchinson, Kansas Best Restaurants

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1. Ken’s Pizza

Ken’s Pizza is a Hutchinson icon. It has been around for decades and offers a lunch buffet every day. This is my favorite pizza buffet in the world, although I have also met many critics. Ken’s also has a salad bar. If you have ever had Mazzio’s Pizza, it is quite similar. Lunch time is often busy at Ken’s.

2. Bogey’s

Located near the Kansas State Fairgrounds, Bogey’s has also been in business for decades. The food makes you wonder why they haven’t expanded state-wide, because they certainly could. Bogey’s mostly serves fast food such as burgers and curly-Q fries, but also has hundreds, if not thousands, of milkshake combinations that are fun to choose from.

3. Anchor Inn

The Anchor Inn is on the south end of Main Street, near Carey Park. This place has greasy Mexican food and is a social hangout spot as well with a bar. This Mexican food is not your typical Mexican with deep fried taco shells and a Friday night buffet that is very popular. The place is so popular in fact that it expanded about a decade ago and doubled its space.

4. Roy’s Hickory Pit BBQ

Another Hutchinson icon is Roy’s. There are two problems with Roy’s. One is that it is located on the far west side of town. The other is that it is hard to know when it is open, as the owners open selectively. So give them a call at before heading over.

5. Hog Wild

Yet another homegrown legend is Hog Wild, a BBQ restaurant with fairly inexpensive prices for barbeque. It is located on Main Street, about a block north of the fairgrounds.

6. Skaets Steak Shop

This is basically a diner with the word “steaks” spelled backwards. Yes, it does serve steaks. It is located on Main Street right next to the fairgrounds. This place seems to be more social than other restaurants and is a good place to eat breakfast while reading a newspaper.

7. Carriage Crossing Restaurant

While technically in Yoder, Kansas to the south of town, this is close enough to be considered a Hutchinson restaurant. This is Amish cooking. Where else have you heard of an Amish restaurant? So give it a try.

8. El Potrillo Restaurant

Located on Main Street by Hog Wild and Skaets, this Mexican food is definitely above average and has even gained the seal of approval from Texans.


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