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Your Best Picks For New Glasses

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Choosing a new pair of sunglasses might inevitably lead you to the designer racks – specifically, the ones selling Gucci sunglasses. After all, you will be investing in a good piece of eyewear that will make you look all the more sophisticated even on doldrums days. Why not take into consideration these great suggestions that will make your most recent purchase all the more worth it?

Bridging the Divide between Trendy and Traditional

Granted, you will most likely want to get more bangs for your buck when you go out and buy your pair of Gucci sunglasses. After all, you will be spending a good amount of money so might as well claim all the mileage you can. However, you might also want to consider getting something that racks up miles in the “fashionable you” department. You do not necessarily have to buy the safe Jackie O. type of sunglasses because so many other lesser known brands have perfected this style already, you can probably buy one every three months. What you want to invest in is a pair of Gucci sunglasses that is distinctly modern with unique styling to up the fashion ante. There are key tricks to bridging the trendy and traditional divide.

Choosing Your Pair

When the traditional factor comes in, you will want to stick to the tried and tested shapes that will best fit your face shape. You already know how it goes – buy Gucci sunglasses that are square shaped for a round face, aviator style for oval ones, and the like. This is the best strategy to follow – the fun part will come in later when you consider things like material, color and designs. Fortunately, Gucci sunglasses have a wide range of fun and fashionable pieces to choose from.

First, the color. You can either go glam with black frames or go poppy fun with white or beige, as is the newest trends in Gucci sunglasses nowadays. To add the “mysterious yet approachable” vibe, make sure you get lens that come in a gradient color. This protects your eyes from the sun but does not seem too fashionably still. You can also choose subdued printed Gucci sunglasses such as tiger, zebra or leopard printed ones. These work well all throughout the years; ten years from now you will still be whipping them out because it has already been established that animal prints are here to stay. The trick, of course, is to differentiate an overload from something that is just right. Go for Gucci sunglasses that have muted prints or something that you can make out up close. This is considered pretty safe while still satisfying your “wild” side.

Details can also come into play when you are buying your Gucci sunglasses. Some wrought-iron trimming on the side of the glasses can add a bit of rock appeal if you want something that has some character. Similarly, you can also go for geometric decals if you like it to be a bit mod. Indeed, buying can actually be a super fun activity when you know what options await you!

It is more than certain that you also need a pair of glasses that is strong. A friend of mine which reminded me of that fact is Danish. The Danes have an interesting way of saying “strong glasses” – Køb nye briller med styrke or literally “sunglasses with strength”. Find out more about such sunglasses by clicking this link.


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