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Take Five Steps to a $10,000 Personal Loan

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And it is probably true that you want to get your hands on the cash pretty quickly. Whether you are looking for $2,000 or $10,000, here are a few guidelines to make your search easier.

Start Counting the Ways

Right now, do not focus on the amount. Rather, consider some ways to come up with cash, any amount. There are ways to get money for those significant purchases mentioned above. The most usual way is to get a secured loan. If you are buying substantial property, that is, real estate, automobile, recreational vehicle, etc., the item itself becomes the collateral or security. Should you default, the lender can seize the property and sell it to settle the debt. If you are not going that route, you will need to take a personal loan.

Tricky Business

Personal loans are somewhat tricky in that the lender is taking a chance on your credibility, especially if you have a poor credit history. When you go in search of such a loan, it is important to understand a few things. Getting your funding is paramount. With a poor credit history, you need to keep a few significant things in mind.

Five Steps

Carefully follow the following five considerations. Pulling them off will significantly boost your chances of landing your significant loan.

One – Check Your Credit

Whenever someone has a poor credit scores, in the fair to poor range, it is a good idea to pull the reports and check them beforehand. Do not let the lender discover your scores before you do. Doing so allows prospective borrowers an inside look at how lenders may view them. Also, knowing what the lender will be looking at will give you an opportunity for a rational explanation of how the smirches on the report came to be.

Two – Find Bad Credit Lenders

People with bad credit should focus on those lenders who specialize in lending to folks with poor credit histories. Mainstream lenders are less likely to take the risk. High-risk lenders will know how best to evaluate the credibility of high-risk borrowers. Understand that interest rates will be considerably higher than those offered by more traditional lenders.

Three – Come Up With Some Collateral

Since you want to borrow a considerable amount and have a bad credit history, coming up with some collateral will greatly improve your chances of funding. Be prepared to offer something of real value to the lender. That could range from a time-share to the old silver tea service left to you by Aunt Nellie. Discuss appropriate collateral with your prospective lender.

Four – Shop Around

For any lending situation, a plethora of lenders are available. Shop around online until you come up with 10 different lenders who look like they may be able and willing to accommodate you. From that, whittle five and make the applications. Keep all your numbers consistent across the applications so you have a level view for comparison. Of those five, start negotiating with the best.

Five – Scrutinize Rates and Terms

Read all the fine print. Same old advice always heard but it means so much in terms of what the loan may cost you in the long run. Find an interest rate, a monthly pay back amount, a length of time that are comfortable to you. Do not sign anything you do not understand. Doing anything less is foolish.


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