Friday, December 15

Yet Another Unbelievable Money Claim

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Having enough money is a problem for millions of people in the world. Many have turned to the internet for answers.

If and when you become involved with looking for money making opportunities on the internet, you will find yourself inundated with emails from various sources. Your email address may get on many mailing lists of people trying to push their products. You may also find your email inbox full of strange propositions. Although many of such emails will be relegated by your email provider to the spam box, some may get through to your regular inbox.

A very strange email comes from the International Monetary Fund although it seems fairly obvious to most people that it is a scam. The address is clearly fake, as is the claim made. Usually, these emails are full of grammatical errors as the people sending them most certainly do not have a command of the English language. Many scams are originating from foreign countries and are targeting people in the United States and the UK. Some people are still falling for these tricks of dishonest people trying to take the money of innocent victims.

This particular email came from the International Monetary Fund (in reality a reputable agency) with an address in Federal Capital Territory. It states that two gentlemen have come to their office. It gives some names, one an American and one a Canadian. It says that these gentlemen claim to be YOUR representative with a power of attorney which states that you are dead. They have information which says that they have authority to claim your fund of $12.5 million U.S. dollars which is a dormant and unclaimed account. It gives an account number in Candad.

It further states that you suffered and died of throat cancer. YOU are now being asked to verify if you are still alive and not dead as the claimants say. You should contact them immediately to claim that you are alive and entitled to the millions of dollars waiting for you. A phone number is listed, and you are asked to call any time as they are available 24 hours a day for your assistance. If they do not hear from you soon, they will be forced to give the wrong payment to these two gentlemen instead of to you as you are the rightful owner of the large sum of money.

It is unclear exactly what will happen if you do call, but it is likely that they will try to convince you that the money is indeed yours. However, you will be required to send a deposit in order to verify that you are the right person or they will want your bank account information so that they can wire the money to you. You can be quite certain that they are trying to take your money instead of trying to give any money to you. Beware of these email scams and avoid them.


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