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Other Functions to Convert Data Type

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Sometimes your database will not use jhe data type you need to properly work with a field in SCR. For example, your database may store a date in a field with .1 string data type, which prevents you from formatting the field using the date formatting features. This also might happen with a number field (though less likely), preventing you from applying numeric summary calculations to the field. To work around this potential problem, SCR has several functions to assist you with converting data types,

“To Text Q. Converts field in brackets to a text (string) type field.

• To Number Q. converts field in brackets to a number type field.

• Date Value (). Converts field in brackets to a date type field.

• Time Value Q. Converts field in brackets to a time type field.

• Date/Time Value (). Converts field in brackets to a date/time type field.

• To Words (). Converts the number or currency field in brackets into words (for example, “1000” becomes “one thousand”). This is useful for creat­ing number amounts on checks.

There arc also many new Type Conversion functions listed in the functions pane of the Formula Editor. Rather than list them all out here, search the online help files using cither the keyword “Functions,” or the name of the particular function “Cstr,” or open the Formula Editor, select I function, and click Help. Use these data type conversion functions alone—to convert a field to another. Data type for-formatting benefits—or as part of a larger formula where you convert the field into another type and then perform a calculation.


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