Monday, December 11

Adding Labels With The To Text Function

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Now, let’s edit the formula-you just created to add a label. Text objects work real well, but it is sometimes hard to create uniform spacing. This next example shows how to add the label within the formula. You need to use the To Text function to convert the number field to a text field, in order to concatenate it with a string. In SCR, select the Total Order Amt per Month Plus Tax formula and then choose Edit Formula from the shortcut menu or click Edit, Formula from the main menu. Edit the formula to match the changes shown next.

Order total for month plus BS tax. With label

“Order Total for the month including tax + To Text Sum (Orders. Order Amount Order Data, “monthly’ 1.08

I edited the formula field to read is the formula above. You could also have created an entire new formula.

Adding text labels to formulas is helpful because formulas process efficiently and sometimes faster than text objects containing formulas. There are really three ways to label a formula field: 1} Have two fields, the text field and the formula field, right next to each other. This has been covered, 2) Drop the formula (or data) field into the text field (this has not been covered yet, Or 3) add the text into the formula as the last example describes. Combining the text in the foramina is neat and sometimes easier to maneuver than fields combined in text objects, but the formatting can be a little tricky because you must include formatting that is specific for the for­mula field in the formula {such as removing decimals). Also, if you convert a number field to text using the To Text function, you cannot use the formula in other calculations (just as you couldn’t include a text object in a calcula­tion).


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