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Calculating Summaries With Formulas

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To add a summary to a report, you can use the menu-driven functionality you can write a formula. The following formula calculates the total Unit Price ordered per customer and returns a number value. Call this formula “Total Order Amount per Customer.”

Calculate total Order Amount per customer Sum (Orders. Order Amount. 

1. Customer. Customer Name)

This formula starts with double slashes to indicate a note explaining what the formula does. This is hot necessary, but sometimes helpful. Since I have a car­riage return (manual line break) after my comment, SCR ignores the first lineand just interprets the formula text on the second line.

This formula calculates the sum of the Order Amount field per Customer. Name group the second argument (Customer Name) indicates the group for which you want to sum the Order Amount. To create a summary for a group from within the formula editor, the group must already exist on the report. Add this formula to the group footer #1 section, because it is calculat­ing the total order amount for the group based on the customer name field.

Using Summary Fields in a Formula

You may want to use a summary field that you added to your report on the Design tab as part of a formula. If you inserted a summary of any type with the Insert, Summary command, that summary field is contained in the Fields pane of the Formula Editor with the sum sign in front of it (51). Double-click this field to copy it into your f&rmula, the same as any other field. In this example, let’s imagine that the customers are invoiced just once per-month, with all orders from that month totaled and then the tax applied. Create a new formula and call it “Total Order Amount per Month Plus Tax.” When complete, insert this formula into the” group footer #2 section, over to the right of the other fields.


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