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Selecting Items From Trees

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The Formula Editor contains four windows or panes: Fields, Functions, Op­erators, and Formula Text. You “write” a formula by moving items from the three upper panes (Fields, Functions, or Opera­tors) into the Formula Text pane by simply double-clicking or by selecting the desired item and clicking Insert. When you add items to the Formula Text pane in this way SCR takes care of the formula syntax for you; thus, you do not have to memorize complicated rules to write formulas. Of course, once you use this tool for a while. You will become familiar with the syntax. But rest assured that you do note to memorize the syntax rules in order to use the Formula Editor took.

Formulas can be composed of many components. Double-click to move any item from the three top panes of the Formula Editor to the Formula Text pane, or type directly in the Formula Text pane.

•   Database fields. Any field available to your report.

•   Number. Type them from your keyboard.

•   Functions. A comprehensive, list of over 160 action instructions, such as manipulating strings, type conversions, evaluation times, and more.

•   Operators. Options like add, subtract, percent, and control structures such as if-then-else.

•   Text. Type any text from your keyboard. (Remember text must be en­closed in either single or double quotes.)

•   Other Formulas. Use one formula in another formula.

•   Parameter fields. Use parameter fields in selection criteria formulas, regular formulas, and other places on a report.

Summary fields. Many summary functions arc available, including fi­nancial, mathematical and sum functions.

•   SQL Expressions. These are available to use in formulas just like other field types.


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