Sunday, December 17

Be Brave Enough to Ask For Help…

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Do you ever wonder where God is when we are suffering?  Going through so much loss, and grieving in a short time can be painful.
Feeling lonely, isolated is normal with depression. Is it normal to question and doubt when you’re hurting and feeling vulnerable?
When this happens, you may look deeper inside your soul, for the answers; maybe even seek out that place of faith in your heart.  This forces us to reexamine the promise that has been given to us.
God doesn’t promise that you will never suffer, life is basically joy and sorrow all thrown in to one.
God does promise you to remain with you while you’re suffering.
There is an invisible cord that binds you to God, and you may think God has disappeared from your life, especially when you’re in a life of darkness!
Just learning about God in the midst of suffering, don’t just talk to God when you’re down and out, make a point of talking and praying each and every day.
Believe it or not God knows and feels your pain when you’re suffering.  God healing presence and compassion are really there when you’re suffering.
God is with you on the rocky road as well as the good times in your life.  When you reach those dark and rocky places and when doubt comes crawling in to your mind, when temptation really shows its ugly head. When the dark forces try to lure you away from your faithfulness with God, which at this time God doesn’t abandon you, if you choose to remain open minded and allow God to enter your pain, you will become one with God’s compassionate presence.
One thing is positive God touches you through other people, meeting people, it truly all happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason.  The perfect stranger that listens, the friend that you share in your heart, crying when you’re emotionally distraught, the lady that suddenly hugs you in the grocery store.  These moments of comfort, offer healing a touch of love and support when it is needed, yes out of nowhere, or does it happen for a reason.
Other Angel of God often cross our paths, by sending encouraging letters just when you need it, or the phone call to just ask how you’re doing.
Often I quote my Mother because she is actually one of the smartest people I know…Told me when I was a child, that a true friend is someone who knows all about you but likes you anyways.
God knows all about you but like you anyway. True friends are the ones that attend the funerals of your loved ones even if they don’t know the person; they come there to support you in your time of need.  Friends are the ones that come to the hospital in the middle of the night when you call, to support you in your time of need. Friends are the ones that truly have expressions of sympathy and compassion, whether your suffering is physical, emotional or spiritually.
These are acts of God; concern and love are is way of communicating with you to let you know his presence in your life.  God gives us each other because we need someone special in our lives, for that warm embrace, for giving and receiving kind words, or that caring arm around your shoulder.  This brings the power of human touch, the love and acceptance you should feel with this is God’s hand reaching into your life, touching the places that have pain, that hurt, he reaches deep into your soul, and this will bring healing to your pain.
Only finding that caring companion to spend your life with can be a challenge.  When you find this companion, it will help you become stronger, and to face what is painful.  Remember find someone that believes in you, can get you through when you no longer believe in yourself.
It is easy to be courageous when you’re not by yourself fighting life.  Be brave enough to ask for help…


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