Thursday, December 14

Her Curiosity

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              She tiptoed into the room and paused to allow her eyes adjust to the dark room. She spotted a cupboard at the corner of the room, she opened the drawer and put her hand into it. She touched a hard object and was in the process of removing it when she heard a sound at the door. Startled, she dropped the object and ran into a wall, the wall was a human body. She let out a muffled yell when hands grabbed her roughly. Who are you? she asked peering into his face. His face wasfamiliar but she could not place it. Suddenly she remembered where she had seen him and the realization of what she had got herself into left her so dazed that she went limp.

“I don’t have to answer that anymore,do I “? He let out a harsh laugh and tightened his hold on her. You are hurting me, she gasped.  Not yet, whenI’m done with you, you will scream to heavens for mercy, he replied. He pushed her into a chair and walked to the cupboard, his back to her.  “Don’t even think about running out, you won’t get far”. She sank  into the chair, weeping. She looked up at him as he turned towards her, her jaw dropped. He was holding the meanest looking knife she had ever seen. It was even more scary than it looked in the newspaper. “Don’t worry,I’m not ready for you yet”, he said.

                                                                   *      *      *      *

Daisy dropped the novel and stretched. She looked at the wall clock and gasped in dismay. It was 2a.m! John, her husband, had been sleeping for over four hours. She crept into the room silently not wanting to wake him. She was almost by the side of her bed when something moved by the window, she let out a loud scream.

What? What is it? John asked, jumping from the bed. She pointed at the human figure by the window. “What”? John asked again frowning down at her. She pointed at the form again. John walked to the light switch and put it on, the human form was the curtain. You’ve been reading those horror novels again? I can’t take anymore of this. Idon’t want to see any of those novels in my house again. Is that understood? Daisy nodded,looking miserable, she crawled under the blankets.

                    The next morning, Daisy took a cab to the novel club where she borrowed the novel. Unfortunately, it was locked.Frustrated she sat on the stairs and took out the novel. Unable to resist, she flipped to the page she stopped a night before.

                                                                   *      *      *      *

Ann walked to the door but found it was locked, she went to the window but it was shut so tight that she had no hope of unlocking it. She fell to the floor and wept. It had all started with articles she had seen in newspapers of a serial killer who had so much nerve that he would always leave a picture of himself at the crime scene. The pictures were dark and only captured his profile. She was on her way one morning when she turned sharply at the corner and in the process caught a face in her line of vision. She turned to look at the face clearly but the man had turned to walk in the opposite direction. She stopped and stared after him for a second while an inner voice screamed at her to follow him. She followed him from a distance and a while or two, he turned as if searching for someone but she was confident that he didn’t see her. She followed him into the house at the end of the street. She entered a restaurant directly opposite the house and sat to wait for him.

              She didn’t have to wait for long, he came out of the room and looked directly at the restaurant. It might have been her imagination but she could have sworn he winked at her, but it could have only been her imagination, she told herself. He walked away and before she could get out of the restaurant, he haddisappeared . She looked around but there was no sign of him. She walked to the door of the house he had entered and pushed gently, to her surprise the door opened. She tiptoed into the room and let her eyes adjust to the dark room. That was how she found herself in the serial killer’s den. She heard a sound at the door and jumped to her feet. “Please God, save my soul”, she whispered as the door opened.

“Do you know me now?” he asked. She looked at him and it dawned on her that he was the newspaper man who delivered newspapers to her officeeveryday. “Why”? She asked. He ignored her question and walked towards her, his knife raised.

                                                                       *      *      *      *

 Daisy blinked, she looked around her, it was dark. she saw a figure moving towards her. It was the serial killer in the novel she was reading. She turned to run but he caught her. “Help! help”!, she tried to scream but no sound came out.

                                                                      *      *      *      *

Daisy jerked awake. She looked at the other side of the bed, John was still snoring like a baby. She got up quietly and went to the sitting room. The novel was on the table where she had left it. She picked it up and stared at it. She wasn’t going to read it, she would return it first thing the next morning.

                                                                             THE END


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