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Google Analytics on Joomla!

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Google Analytics is an important tool to websites today.  It enables developers and customers to see exactly where their hits are coming from, and provides graphical representation of a websites success.  Google Analytics shows the website administrator exactly where all of the hits are coming from across the entire globe.  If you would like to see which keywords are most often typed in for your website, Google Analytics keeps track of ever single search so that you can go forward with Google Adwords campaigns with confidence.

Installation of Google Analytics is easy on the Google side, but becomes slightly more difficult when using .php instead of .html.

Once the Google Analytics account is configured in Google, try to copy and paste the form into the header of your html file.  In many Joomla! websites that I create this is not possible, but try pasting the form using follow the following directions.  Go to the backend of the Joomla! website and highlight Extensions/Template Manager/Default Template (has a star)/Edit Html.  If the website does have a tag, copy the form just before the location.  If the website does not have an html file install an extension.

Go to and download the AG Google Analytics component, and install it on the back-end of Joomla! (Extensions/Install).  In order to configure this click on the Parameters button on the upper right of the component.  The GA Website profile id can be found in the URL of the Google Analytics View Report Page after ID.  Once the parameters have been set view the Google Analytics reports from the back-end of Joomla! or from Google Analytics.

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