Monday, December 11

Pain of The Past

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I sat on my bed and stared with dazed eyes at the opposite wall. Tears blurred  my vision as once again i recalled the moment my life was shattered. The words kept resounding in my head like a mantra, “It’s over between us!”. Where had i gone wrong? I tried to think back but i could not comprehend any of it. As i reflect over that day and the weeks that followed ,i shake my head in amazement. Had i really thought that i could not go on or that my life had  become meaningless? It all seems like a bad dream now.

If you are going through this same situation or perhaps you are pretending that it doesn’t matter, your heart might not be broken but your pride has been bruised. It was a rejection and no matter the reason, nobody likes to be rejected. You need to let go of the hurt and pain and accept the fact that some people were not  meant to be in your life forever. Everyone who comes into your life does so to fulfill a specific purpose after which it becomes time for them to move on. It is your responsibility to find out the purpose of every friendship or relationship so as to know when the purpose has been fulfilled.

Sometimes, we try to hold on to people when it is time for them to move on. If we do not let them go, these people who were there  to help us in one area of our lives or the other will end up becoming hindrances to our growth. Every closed door means new open doors. Never beg anybody to stay otherwise you’ll have to beg them for every other thing and that is manipulation. In order to let in the right people, you have to let out the wrong people. Decide today to let go and move on, you’ll be glad you did.



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