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The Many Benefits Of Rammed Earth Construction – Ideal Home Structure

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Rammed earth is the term that describes a technique of building walls utilizing the raw materials of earth. Its a method used since the ancient times that is still very popular up to these days for domestic constructions to numerous countries all over the world. The natural elements of rammed earth construction, together with the beauty it emits could affect the warming and cooling properties of the house, making it suitable to any climate condition.

Rammed earth constructions possess more significant qualities that make it the most effective option over others such as those constructed from bricks and concretes. These qualities benefit, the rammed earth builders and even the homeowners. Here are several of the wonderful qualities and advantages of using rammed earth constructions:

Strength and Durability – Although lower in compression value, rammed earth is much stronger structure compared to concrete, strong enough in order to endure loads for the next thousands of years. The fact is that, several ancient rammed earth constructions are still standing up to these days. With certain reinforcement of wood or bamboo the durability of structure can definitely increase in order to avert damage from heavy storms, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Energy Efficiency – The overall energy efficiency of the structure is dependent on the density, thickness, and thermal conductivity of rammed earth construction. The structure of clay mass material is very suitable for passive solar heating, allowing the structure to breathe more, compared to concrete or other materials.

Natural Color And Texture – These are some of the best qualities of rammed earth which would help you save money and time from painting and designing. For plaster and sanded smooth, you can patch up blemishes which require less work.

Excellent Thermal Mass – Rammed earth construction could absorb heat during the day and release this heat at night or in the cold season, just like concrete and bricks. So there’s natural air condition within a rammed earth home during sunny season and heater during colder days.

Environmental Friendly – From the name itself, rammed earth constructions generates very little waste since only natural local materials are being used, unlike what most conventional construction methods which utilize toxic building materials that can harm the environment.

Uniqueness and Elegance of Style – Since rammed earth construction has natural color and texture, it adds up to the class and elegance of a modern house with a classic aura.

Cost Effective – This is really obvious considering the above mentioned qualities: durability to last for longer years, instant heater or air condition during climate change, plus you don’t have to spend on paint and carving effects due to its natural color and texture. However aside from these, rammed earth structures can be built for no more than two thirds the cost of standard frame houses.
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