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Medical Oils From Various Ailments How to Cook at Home Oil Treatment?

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MEDICAL oils from various ailments 

How to cook at home oil treatment? 

1996 I was lucky enough to visit Slovakia in the mountain town of Zilina. Invited me to a healer pohostyuvaty Slovak Viola Zayatseva. This region attracts a large number of traditional healers – every village has “her” doctor. Along with Viola, I went to them as guests. These were unforgettable hours of interesting dialogue, exchange of experience. So I learned about ancient history of Slovak production of therapeutic oils. Recipes listed below – with my travel notebooks. They are all tested in my practice and proved to be excellent. 

Juniper oil 
For treatment of diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, lungs (use 1 teaspoon. Three times a day). Geneva oil used for massage in case of rheumatism, pain in the spine, osteoarthritis. 
300 g of juniper berries, 1 liter of pure olive oil. Juniper berries to gather after the first frost, tightly folded in ceramic ware, pour oil, glue pot bean. Put in the oven or oven for 3 hours on low heat faint. Strain, pour into bottles. 

Chebretseva oil 
This oil was treated even paralyzed people. It is a wonderful massage tool, particularly for infants, especially those with nerve and skin diseases. Oil eliminates itchy skin. Its use in case of insomnia, depression, nervous exhaustion, gastric pain. For use inside – 1 tsp. l. three times a day. 
1 kg fresh thyme flowers, 1.5 liters of olive oil. Flowers pour oil, tire 1,5 hours on low heat, infuse in a warm place 12 hours. Strain, pour into ceramic ware. 

Oil on St. John’s Wort 
Flowers (full inflorescence) better gather at noon. Applied both internally to treat stomach ulcers (drink and 1 cent. L. Three times a day), and externally for the treatment of trophic ulcers and wounds in the form of compresses (applications). 
Fresh flowers Hypericum – 830 grams Olive Oil – 1 liter. Cook in a ceramic pot 3 hours in water bath. Strain, pour into bottles. 

Carrot oil 
In spring, when carrots ripen, prepare karotynovu carrot oil. Apply in case of burns, to improve vision (rub around the eyes, drink 20 ml / day). 
Carrots – 327 g, olive or corn oil – 700 ml. Grate the carrot tertushtsi, add oil, cook 2 hours by water bath, filter. Store in a pot of dark glass.



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