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Vaccination in Ukraine – Our Health

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Vaccination in Ukraine – Our Health 

The scarcity of information on vaccination, contradictory statements of doctors, numerous deaths vaccination of healthy children and almost no awareness of citizens caused by our acceptance of social organization “awareness program of vaccination in Ukraine – a question that applies to … 

The scarcity of information on vaccination, contradictory statements of doctors, numerous deaths vaccination of healthy children and almost no awareness of citizens caused by our acceptance of social organization “awareness program of vaccination in Ukraine – a question that applies to practically every Ukrainian family, because there are already or More children will be born, are subject to mandatory vaccination. 

What is the current vaccination? The answer should be given by dividing the topic into two components: medical and legal. The ground of the medical component can be considered extremely fast, powerful development of science, including medicine, which is due to the development of powerful new technologies and capital investments (with appropriate interest). The result was the discovery and formation of immunological products industry (step following the antibiotics). The engine vaccination in Ukraine can surely be called WHO (World Health Organization), because our medical industry leaders as the main argument of the need for vaccination (vaccinations), suggest to WHO recommendations. Opportunely recall that the media virtually no opinions and statements of national scientists, physicians, despite sufficient (significant) number of academic medical institutions in Ukraine. 

By describing the medical component of vaccination, recall that this is one of the divisions of science of immunology, which is the newest development area of medicine that only develops and therefore needs detailed in-depth studies and long-term, thorough inspections of practical application. 

Vaccine called drug that contains the antigen (antigens) and microorganisms that cause after the introduction of a specific immune response which protects against infection by this organism (textbook “Immunology” R-26 Sci. Yakobysyak M. “New Book” 2004). Defining a clear and convincing, but is generally accepted that the practical effect of vaccination is to infect human (infant) weakened or modified vector control. In this connection there is a simple logical question – what is the necessity and advisability of vaccination in 1-day of birth – “Hepatitis B” 3-day 7 – Tuberculosis … newly born child (in England doprykladu, vaccination of children is held from 2 months of age). 

The legal side of vaccination (immunization) in Ukraine is governed by the laws of Ukraine “On ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare” and “On Protection of Population from Infectious Diseases”, Art. 12 which states: prophylactic vaccination medical examination carried out after the person in the absence of an appropriate medical contraindications. Capable citizens of majority preventive vaccinations conducted with their consent after providing objective information about vaccinations, the consequences of rejection of vaccination and possible complications. Persons under 15 years of age or recognized legally incapable, preventive vaccinations conducted with the consent of their objectively informed parents or legal representatives … If the person and (or) its legal representatives refuse mandatory preventive vaccinations, the doctor has the right to their respective written confirmation and in case of refusal to provide such evidence – witness this act in the presence of witnesses. 

The main regulatory document is the draft order MZ of Ukraine “On the conduct of preventive vaccinations in Ukraine and quality control and treatment of immunological drugs. In the “Calendar of preventive vaccinations (see on our site and our site MOH), laid a seventeen year and a half to child vaccination age, since the first day of birth, total of 11 pathogens. The total number of vaccinations (including repeated), held the child up to 17 years of age is 26, are mandatory and are classified as “vaccine by age. In general the “Calendar” included 4 sections: vaccination age, vaccination for health, vaccination, conducted in endemic and enzootic areas and epidemic shows, rekomndovani vaccination. 

To some extent, looks vulnerable time storage, transportation of vaccines, which determined the order of providing proper storage conditions, transportation, admission and registration of medical immunobiological preparations (MIBP) in Ukraine “(see on our site and our site MOH), whereas frequent disconnection of electricity and overall not very high level of executive discipline in our country, what are the practical consequences of regular reports of food poisoning of children in school and at play, explosions in hospital oxygen cylinders, gas equipment in the homes of our cities. Opportunely pay attention to the reader that the purchase of vaccines, including MIBP, be sure to use termokonteynerom (which may be an ordinary thermos) during transport home or medical facility (item 6 “Order release MIBP citizens”) and Mr. 7.4 states that the vaccine, which was stored in a cold chain breach can not be used and be destroyed (temperature storage of vaccines, according to p.4.2. – from 2 to 80 C). 

Attracts most attention is “Instruction on the organization of epidemiological surveillance for adverse effects of immunological products” (see on our site and our site MOH). Paragraph 1.2 states: “Monitoring the reaction after and complications – a system of constant surveillance of security MIBP in their practical use. Paragraph 1.4 the definition: 

– Vaccine reactions (PPR) – a clinical and laboratory signs of unstable pathological (functional) changes in the body that arise in connection with the vaccination; 

– Pislyavaktsynalni complications (SSP) – a persistent functional morphological changes in the body that go beyond the physiological fluctuations and lead to significant health impairment. Appendix N1 “Instructions …” lists the reaction after and complications (see on the site and MOH), it is clear that possible, but the findings should make everyone who applies to this question. 

Provodyma vaccination campaign in Ukraine, than medical risk, carries a certain social-discriminatory signs (as children are parents, not the Ministry of Health and WHO), which are as follows. Based on the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the population it infectious diseases” (p. 15 – Prevention of infection, the virus) to children who do not receive preventive vaccination in accordance with a calendar of vaccinations, visits to children’s institutions is not allowed. While the Constitution of Ukraine (Article 53) states that complete secondary education is compulsory, the state provides access to pre-school, complete secondary, vocational and higher education in the state and municipal institutions. In addition, Article 12 of the Law on Protection of Population from Infectious Diseases “, Article 27 of the Law” On ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population “(see on the site and the site of BP – required sure to preventive vaccination in Ukraine have only 6 (six) vaccinations, including: TB, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and measles. Look for the above procedure effectiveness of prevention, given the scale of tuberculosis in Ukraine, despite vaccination against tuberculosis (BCG) for years, since Soviet times. 

In summary, I would really target reader: there today and can not be a clear, confident and argumentative opinion for or against vaccination is given and the question is incorrect. Vaccination is generally read (action) protection, but should be considered and assessed, primarily readiness, compliance with the general state of medicine, its material and technical basis for such shyrokomashtabnyh pieces. From the most eminent scholars comes the conclusion that the conduct “of mandatory vaccinations by age” requires corrections due to safety issues (risks) and legal settlement (see the article “Current aspects of modern ymmunoprofylaktyky: the need for a delicate balance between the interest of society and rights” Sci. Kazmirchuk VE, DV Mal’tsev, magazine Klynychekskaya ymunolohyya. Alerholohyya. Ynfektolohyya “N2, 2010) and in my opinion no alternative to vaccination, which is one of the main arguments should not become a condition of threat to life or the child’s health risks due to post-vaccination complications.



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