Saturday, December 16

Clairol Nice' n Easy Foam Hair Dye. [Product Review]

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Here is my product review of the new nice’n easy colour blend FOAM hair dye by Clairol.

I spotted this product while I was out shopping and since I needed to dye my hair anyway I thought I would give it a go.

   What colour! I use number 2 (black) which has to be the messiest of all hair dyes and I was very intrigued to see if this was going to be any better than any product I’ve used before.

   What to do! On the box it says to follow 3 simple steps 1) Mix 2) Foam 3) Apply. I thought this product sounds absolute genius for those of us who find hair dying such a chore as I do. So following instructions I mix bottles 1 and 2 and shake vigorously. Then replace the cap and attach the Foam nozzle and away I go. Does it foam? YES! it really does work, but beware, make sure you hold the bottle upright as you squeeze. It explains this on the box but at first I tipped my bottle slightly to disperse (because it’s what I’m used to doing, I suppose!) and I found that, that made it run out rather than foam. So remember to hold the bottle uptight and squeeze the product out!

   Let’s apply! Is it easier? YES! This has to be the easiest hair dying experience I have ever had. You simply shampoo away, it really is genius. No more combing or separating hair lines to get to the roots, you just rub it in and massage it through. As simple as that! It will take literally 5 minutes to apply and it does not stain your skin as much. Also, it doesn’t drip everywhere because its foam and you can apply it at ease. To be honest I would say that the only negative would be that when you disperse the foam from the bottle it can spit out bits of product but this is a minor problem. Just make sure you cover your work surface before you start.

   Colour result!  Perfect, As good as any other product I have ever used.

   Verdict! Happy, Happy, Happy! I would highly recommend this to anyone it is quick and simple to use, not as messy and a pure winner in my eyes. I’m sticking with this product from now on. 


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