Saturday, December 16

What Difference Does a Call Make?

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Human beings are born to be social creatures that thrive and survive in this world through interaction and co-existence. Human beings are also creatures of communication who enjoy sharing their thoughts. Everyone likes to exchange ideas and opinions with others throughout their lives. The Human connection is as important as human existence.

How important is it to have someone to talk to? Absolutely essential.The ability to speak or talk is a gift from heaven. It is an opportunity to express oneself, to communicate ideas, to bridge gaps, and to feel less alone. At a very young age, humans have the desire to talk such as when a one-year old speaks those first few syllables that delight mommy and daddy. As people get older, this desire grows more and more. Even in the late years of adulthood, this desire does not fade.In fact, the higher the age, the more people need to have someone to talk to.

The elderly are definitely the age group that deeply needs the support of having someone to talk to. Most elderly people in nursing homes or who are under the management of caregivers are often left in solitude with no companion to talk with. Elder care does not just end in addressing the physical health and wellnessissue, but also expands to include support for the social well-being of the person.

Therapeutic communication is essential in elderly living because elders want to have someone who will listen to them while they reminisce theirmemories.Caring for elderly parents is not an easy job. It demands much time and effort from the children. To address this issue, a new service has emerged – Tele-Talks.

Tele-Talks is a phone calling service that makes sure the elderly, the lonely, shut-ins, the ill or the socially disconnected have someone to talk to. This is a simple solution and there have already been many testimonials declaring that through this service, elderly patients left in nursing homes or those secluded at home became more lively and happy once they could share thoughts, ideas, and feelings with someone else. It always feels pleasurable to have someone listen to one’s words. This is the kind of feeling that Tele-Talks provides.

Through Tele-Talks, grandpa and grandma will find a friend to talk with thereby alleviating their loneliness more than any senior friend finder serviceor charitable organization can.Tele-Talks offers different types of services at various,affordable prices.There are birthday, anniversary and medication reminders plus different calling times and a variety of frequency packages available.

The Tele-Talks service is an excellent solution to combat loneliness, establish rapport with others, ease away pains and frustrations and release pent up emotions. It also takes away the burden and guilt from families that don’t have much time for their elders.

Call your family and The Human connection is as important as human existence.


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