Monday, December 18

Why People Avoid Middlemen in Making Private House Sales?

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From my knowledge, in many instances selling or buying a house will be a joint or family decision. By engaging in private house sales via the internet it means that a couple or entire family can sit down and spend as much time as they wish browsing properties or listing their property. The internet has given a whole new level of independence to use when it comes to private house sales as well as many other aspects of our life choices. Recently in the New Zealand the demise of Hips (Home Information Packs) which meant that homeowners needed to spend money on these before they could put their property up for sale, does mean that the property market there can predict an improvement.

But let me be clear that it is beneficial to use websites that offer these free listings not only for the opportunity to sell private, but also as there is a chance the listing can end up high on the search engines. Potential buyers can spend time browsing listings and choose properties which are of interest. For those who are with an agent already, private sale is possible and when succeeded no commission is payable. If it is the case that a Sole Agency agreement has been signed then private sale of property is possible and no commission is payable. However if a Sole Selling Rights agreement is signed then you will have to pay the estate agent’s commission is payable even if the property is sold self.

I encourage you all to go to to explore the secrets of private house sales in New Zealand.


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