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Poison Power Remedy For Ed, Asthma, Baldness.

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Poison Power:

The Datura is also known as Devil’s Weed and Thorn Apple because of its hard round prickly fruits. These fruits have alkaloids like Deploid I and Tetraploid II. This Medicinal Plant grows extensively in India and is found in scrubland usually, but is also cultivated. It is a bushy plant with white flowers with shades of violet or yellow in the middle. The leaves are broad, oval shaped and dark green. The fruits are hard and prickly and constitute the main drug.

Medicinal Uses:

Considering it’s allround healing properties it finds a place in the Indian Pharmacopoeia as a utility-medicine. Traditionally, Datura Fastuosa linn.var.alb., has always had a place in Ayurveda as a strong medicine for several ailments including Malaria, Impotence, Insanity, Dog Bites, Cardiac problems and what not. Hailed as the Indian Belladona, the Datura plant also comes in a darker shade, and is known by the botanic name Datura stramonium. Rolling up the dried leaves and smoking it like a cigar with deep inhalation, cures even the extreme types of Asthma where the patient doubles over. A paste made from the roots cures tooth-ache. The juice of the leaves mixed with other Ayurvedic herbs cures earaches and eye infections. Bites of wild animals have been reportedly treated with Datura plant medicine. When babies die just after birth and the breast-milk hardens, the Datura plant provides a sure-shot remedy. It also finds usage for cardiac problems and cracked heels. All cold and lung related ailments like whooping cough, pneumonia etc. can be treated with the Datura drug for lasting relief.

Erectile Dysfunction And Impotence:

The ripe fruits, numbering twelve to fifteen, are crushed and mixed with four to five litres of boiled cow’s milk. A little curd is added to this mixture to convert it into a fortified and potent curd. This medicinal curd is then churned to extract the powerful butter. Those with erectile dysfunction are advised to apply this butter on their penis and spine, repeatedly for a few days to get the nerves back to working order again. Patients with confirmed impotence are advised to undergo this treatment, and in addition consume the butter orally as well. The dosage for consumption has to be prescribed under the close supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor. Excess dosage can result in dryness of mouth, dilation of pupils, intoxicated feeling, increased palpitation and even cardiac seizures. However, external application of this Datura butter is perfectly safe and will promote hard erections. One only has to be careful about the internal consumption of Datura products as excess dose can lead to side-effects and complications.


The Indian Datura is known as the Devil’s Apple in European countries, but finds a place in American Pharmacopoeia as a great medicinal plant. Although it is popularly considered a Poison Plant, the variety of medicinal uses imparts a kind of aura– of miracle proportions. Naturally, the Datura is more of medicine for human use, and less of poison. The richness and variety of Ayurvedic Medicines and it’s universal applications can be analysed from this simple poison weed.


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