Thursday, December 14

Who Will Win Cricket World Cup 2011?

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Although the Indians and Sri Lankans would get the advantage of the home grounds and home crowd yet it would not lead them to win the tournament. New Zealanders are hard working but are unable to reach in the finals. Medium pacers would be losers on the Indian pitches.

When there are few days remaining of the event, every body is guessing according to his own prospectus. The bookies are preparing the grounds for a team to throw stakes the fans is analyzing the previous games and the experts are evaluating the performances of individual games. There are many different angles of the game. Each and every aspect is being considered to make guess about the winner.

The real test is the performance but a lot of other factors have achieved greater importance. One is the influence of the book makers. Although the international cricket council believes that there is no place of gambling in the game yet there is a lot of gambling in it. The previous experience reveals that many players of high repute were involved in this heinous crime.

It is the major factor that decides the game in unexpected manners. Any how whatever the situation on the ground would come out the expected winner are England and Australia. In so far as performance is concerned. All the other teams are upset due to certain reasons. Pakistan was heart favourite but the British team along with ICC spoiled the combinations to oust it from the event. They succeeded in their planning and the match winning [players are out of squad .Indian have capacity to fight but have no match especially event winning player in their team. Same is the case with West Indies and South Africa. The rhythm and the pace of the batsmen and bowlers are not combined in these teams. The Sri Lankans might upset but for few matches. There is not any evidence of high performance as a team in the recent past.

Only two teams have the balanced combination of spin medium and fast bowling along with the professional batting and these are England and Australia. These are the teams that would play the final of the tournament. And most likely England would win the final and the world title of the game.

Cricket is not a simple gaming event now. It has achieved giddy heights in the world of glamour. It has taken the shape of an industry closer to that of film industry. The cricketers are like movies stars with lot of fans and veneration. The element of emotions is more evident in this world of cricket. As it is progressing the new and novels ways of playing cricket are also being evolved by the administration to keep it in .world cup is the most prestigious event of this game. All the teams struggle hard to win the name, fame and fortune. There are fabulous prizes for the winners and the runner on. Various departments of the game have also been ear marked for prize money.


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