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Great Sphinx of Giza – Great Statue in Egypt.

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Great Sphinx of Gizais a one of the beautiful monument found on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This statute is the largest among others in the world. If you visit this place you can notice that the structure of this statue is different and unique. It is a mythical creature in which the statue is been divided into two parts like the body is of lion and the head is of human being.Great Sphinx of Giza is been located in Giza on the west bank of Nile in Egypt. It is a spectacular view to watch this statue and many of the tourist travel from various countries or regions to give a visit to this place. If you check the measurement of this statue then it goes around 73.5 meters long, 6 meter in width and the height of it is around 66.34 feet high. It is one of the oldest monument sculptured in Egypt and was been built in the presence of the ancient Egyptian. The Great Sphinx of Giza was been build in the rule of old kingdom and was in power of the Pharaoh Khafra. The secret behind this sculpture is that it was represented as sun god because of the face and the lion’s body. If you see today the one meter nose is been missing from the face.

Hagia Sophia is known as a holy wisdom place situated in Istanbul; Turkey. It was an orthodox basilica mosque but now it is only a museum type where the visitors come and visit this place. Firstly it was a mosque and then later it was a cathedral. From the year 360 to 1453 it was a cathedral which was later converted into Roman Catholic Cathedral in the year 1204 to 1261. Then finally the building was a mosque from the year 1453 to 1934. But today if you visit Hagia Sophia you can see that it is not a mosque anymore because now it is only a tourist attraction and a museum preserved in Turkey. The museum was been first started in the year 1935 on 1st February.  The measurement of this structure is around 82 meter in length, 73 meter in width and 55 meter in height. The construction of Hagia Sophia was started in the beginning period of 532 and completed in 537. The interior of this building is so beautiful and is been a spectacular view. The material used to build this structure was Ashlar and bricks. It is one of the greatest monument found in Turkey and is been survived till today.

Lake Titicaca is a beautiful mountain type lake which is been located at the border of Peru and Bolivia. This lake sits above the sea level and is been the highest lake in the world. The height of this lake is about 12,500 feet in which due to the volume of the water it is also the largest lake in South America. If you plan to visit this place then it is really going to be an unforgettable experience for many tourists. They travel down here from far continents to visit this beautiful place. Lake Titicaca is also a sacred place to the Inca civilization because they believe that it is a holy lake due to the first king of Inca was been born here. According to the mythology said in Inca it is believed that the god viracocha came out of this lake and then created the sun, moon, stars and few people.


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