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Natural Solutions For Weight Gain And Inflammation

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In recent years, numerous studies have shown that weight gain to a chronic inflammation may link (a destructive process that occurs when the immune system releases constantly inflammatory chemicals). While scientists are still trying to determine how inflammation can get in weight gain, some research suggests that weight loss can reduce inflammation and support some natural approaches.
The science behind weight gain and inflammation

Published a study of clinical researchers considered nutrition 2008 American Journal of nine years of data on the adult 1222 and learn the weight gain in chronic inflammation has given a boost. The authors of the study in accordance with this statement explaining why increased weight increased risk of heart disease and cancer (associated with two diseases, chronic inflammation).

In an earlier report (Gastroenterology published in the journal in 2007), note the chronic inflammation often the accumulation of excess fat throughout the body. What’s more, studies show that visceral fat (a type of fat that buried deep in the abdomen) can lead to chronic inflammation through the secretion of inflammatory chemicals.
Natural solutions for weight gain and inflammation

Research has shown that diet and exercise help can reduce inflammation and promote weight loss. A journal of obesity report 2010, for example, may following a diet with a high content of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts and low contents of meat and TRANS fatty acids protect against obesity and inflammation. A review of the year 2006 by the magazine sports medicine research is now, to the greatest levels of physical fitness systematically associated with low protein c-reactive (a marker of inflammation).

The following promising natural solutions to prevent weight gain and inflammation y:

(1) Fiber
Fiber helps to reduce the amounts of protein c-reactive, according to a recent study by the American Journal of clinical nutrition. Moreover, many studies show more fiber weight gain to stop eating. Also eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, doubles fiber intake from natural resources such as linen and psyllium.

(2) Aronia (Lake spine)
A study on the basis of the animals, publishes the FASEB researchers found journal may 2010 Melanocarpa (Lake Spina) to inhibit weight gain during the undisciplined inflammation. A fruit rich in antioxidants in the form of an addendum, Aronia (Lake spine), 25 people with metabolic syndrome was available is inflammation in a 2010 study.

(3) Omega-3 fatty acids
Preliminary evidence suggests that Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce inflammation and reduce abdominal obesity (a condition marked by excessive abdominal fat), according to a review of 2007, published in Applied Physiology, nutrition, and metabolism.

(4) Yoga
Yoga helps to reduce the c-reactive protein, reveals a study in Psychosomatic Medicine in 2009. A study of adults in 2005 15,539 53-57 years, published in alternative therapies in health and medicine, found that yoga can also help prevent weight gain at midlife.
Must they obtain natural solutions for inflammation and weight?

If a dietary supplement to prevent weight gain and inflammation of the test, make sure you consult your doctor before the supplement regime.


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