Friday, December 15

An Introduction to A Thesis (Part-Ii)

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In the chapter ‘Ghost and God’ Ma-Mahajnan deals with the question of seeking one’s fortune. We have got to establish what exists actually. Believing both ghost and God can never be supported by logical organization. 

Next, ‘Discovery of the Infinite’ points to far horizons. We must have clear conception about ‘atman’ (soul), ‘Paramatman’ and the Primordial Essence’—their relations with one another, ‘The Essential Truths’, ‘Acceptance and Permanence of Truth’ etc. are of great relevance. 

Thereafter, in”Discussing Wonders”, she says about ‘Form of Desire’, she refutes things like ’Remembering one’s former birth. ‘Who talks of Rebirth’, ‘The where and how of Rebirth’ and ultimately she explains about ’The Transcendent Feeling and Essential Truths’ and firmly establishes the validity of ‘free-will or personal initiative’. 

The concluding chapter, “Universal Solution Offering Tranquility” points to fruitful harmony and ultimate realization. To know everything without a flaw amounts to gaining the most precious of treasures. Then let us spread it to one and all. To get the things wide open from the very beginning—starting with ‘finding the way’ and ending with ’supreme realization’, needless to say, spiritual striving is essential. 

Here may be observed marked-out areas, dark with mystery. The idea is clearly borne in upon us that the Universe is not as very mysterious as we are wont to think. 

But it is no easy matter to distil the ‘essence’ of custom or tradition and realize the truth of any scientific approach and spiritual effort. Delusions may mislead one at every step; light and darkness, constantly alternating, will dazzle one’s eyes. But why should I feel afraid? I have got hold of the thread’s end.  



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