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An Ideal Fruit Diet Menu to Help Lose Weight

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If you really want to actualize your dream of losing weight steadily and in a safe way, you need to be friendly with fruits and vegetables, the simple reason for this is that fact that fruits and vegetables offer very ideally low calories and you can consume as much as possible. They contain most of the essential nutrients your body needs. In choosing the right fruit diet menu for yourself, there are some things you need to keep in mind; the fruits must be packed fresh, you can combine your ideal fruit diet menu with some extras such as a table spoon of flax oil or fresh vegetable juice which contains some other needed nutrients such as omega 3.6.and 9 fatty acids.

The addition of a tablespoon of essential oils to your diet menu will help you get more nutrients without compromising on the essence of low calorie diet. Fruits are rich in Vitamins while vegetables are rich in minerals, both vegetables and fruits contain phytochemicals and antioxidants which, the addition of some essential oil will provide your body with low cholesterol fats. You may likely get extra 100 calories from the essential oil you are adding to your fruit diet menu but be rest assured that you are not consuming an high cholesterol fat.

There are basically 3 most popular types of a fruit diet plan; these are; the 3 days diet plan, the 7 days diet plan, and the 30 days diet plan. Most people cannot complete the 30 days fruit menu plan because they feel it could get boring. The first 3 days of a fruit diet menu plan are often the hardest; however most people get used to it after the first few days.

You need to choose the ideal fruit diet menu depending on two factors {your geographical location, and the season}, you may not get the fruits of your choice at a particular season, even if you get such, they may not likely be the best in terms of freshness and quality. Spend more time on searching for good quality fruits rather than focusing on some particular choices. The fresher the fruits the more nutrients you get.

Low acid fruits like melon are the best diet menu you can consume to lose weight and achieve the best body shape of your dreams. If you don’t have low acid fruits such as melon around you, you can also go for citrus fruits such as grapes and oranges; however, you need to go for him sweetest of these because they contain low acid contents. With time your body will adjust to low acid fruits and you will avoid diarrhea and some other complications associated with high acid fruits.

You need to begin you day with high calorie fruits such as bananas, and mangoes and then end it with low calorie ones like oranges to achieve the best possible fruit diet weight loss.

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