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Effective Lice Treatment At Home

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Doing lice treatment at home is a great way to remove these pests from your hair and scalp for good. As this condition is very contagious, the whole family may want to get treatment done together which will minimize the chances of getting head lice as well.

These days, we often see many younger children getting head lice and it is crucial that you get treatment straight away and to use it regularly. For anyone who has experienced head lice before, they will know that it can be very frustrating especially from the constant itchy skin on the scalp.

What Is Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny parasites that live in your hair and can also be found on your scalp as well. They feed on the blood on your scalp which is the reason why you may experience a lot of itching of the skin. Their are many over the counter medications but unfortunately they do not work as effective and they also contain a lot of chemicals which can sometimes cause burning of the skin.

If you already suffer from psoriasis,dermatitis or eczema you may find that your symptoms may become worse, which is why it is very important that you find a safe and natural treatment such as doing a lice treatment at home.

Their are many natural treatments available today that are very effective such as using coconut oil. Try applying coconut oil to your hair and scalp  before you go to bed and then rinse it off in the morning, this remedy will kill the head lice as well soothe your skin.

It is important that you try not to scratch too much as it will cause sores to appear on the scalp, dandruff and also skin infections may occur as well. It is also important not to share any personal items such as clothing, hats, hair brushes or combs.

One of the best Home Remedies For Head Lice is using olive oil. Once it has been applied it can effectively kill the head lice and also their eggs. You can also massage the scalp with the olive oil to get best results. This should be done for at least 3 days to kill all head lice.


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