Tuesday, December 12

Apparently The World Cup Be Main Cause High Greenhouse Gas Emissions in The World!

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But ever thought that the World Cup class event held every 4 years gives a considerable contribution to the sustainability of the earth and its inhabitants? The amount of such influence can be imagined by planting 2.8 million trees felled and left to live without up to 20 years!

Is the emission of greenhouse gases that cause classmates World Cup event should give back to the earth by 2.8 million trees. If cashed, Wordl Cup event is expected to pay 5.4 million dollars to 9 million U.S. dollars. Why? Because the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the event World Cup a major contribution to the earth’s atmosphere and accelerating climate change.

The report produced by the Department of Environment and Tourism of South Africa and the Embassy of Norway disclose the amount of emissions produced in connection with the implementation of the World Cup in 2010. The report stated that the 2010 World Cup is expected to generate greenhouse gas emissions around 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, with total international travel the entire team contributed about 67% of total emissions. Emissions of it requires about 2.8 million trees are kept alive for 20 years to absorb them. Can imagine how much land area needed to plant 2.8 million trees?

The same report also states that emissions are generated from international trips taken by each team, improving eight stadiums that will be used at the World Cup, the use of electricity, accommodation each team, as well as means of transportation used by each team during was in South Africa at that time as host for World Cup 2010.

    It added that the emissions produced at this World Cup number eight times more than the World Cup in Germany in 2006 past.

Through this calculation, FIFA decided to give compensation in the form of money rather than spend acres of land for planting trees. The result of calculation mentioned ANGA of 5.4 million to 9 million U.S. dollars as compensation. The money was then given to the South African government to be managed further.

What is done by FIFA implying that we, humans, have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Yes, even for actions that actually aims to entertain us.

Please note, the above amounts are also donated by many supporters of each team that came on the event once the event 4 years.


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