Monday, December 11

The Demise Of The White Pages Take Your Vancouver Advertising Online Now

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The white pages are being phased out and the Yellow Pages aren’t far behind them. This Green initiative makes a great case to you must take your Vancouver advertising online. The District of Columbia Public Service Commission is currently considering a request by Verizon Washington DC Inc., to discontinue the automatic distribution of telephone directories (White Pages) to telephone subscribers. The PSC published on their website ( a letter by AT&T supporting the request.
The letter reveals some very interesting facts with implications for the Yellow Pages also. Facts that are not well known because the distribution of Yellow Pages is still a $2 Billion dollar business in the U.S.

For example:
* White Pages do not list wireless phone numbers
* As of June 2009, 55% of all Washington DC phone numbers were assigned to wireless phones
* Of the 45% wireline phone numbers a, “significant proportion…subscribers request that their numbers not be published numbers for reasons of privacy or personal safety.”
* White Pages do not list VOIP numbers unless requested by subscribers
* Other state regulators in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are considering similar proposals.
* Other state regulators in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina have approved requests to only distribute White Pages when requested.
* “AT&T’s preliminary information indicates that where customers are given the choice of requesting printed residential white pages directories, only about 2% of customers do so.”

Wow! Considering all the facts, it is not surprising that only 2% of the wireline subscribers want a book listing less than 45% of available numbers, and that is updated only once a year. Going Green is the order of the day, White and Yellow Pages are a thing of the past.

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